September 28, 2022

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Sarah Michelle Gellar’s ruthless “grateful” intentions have been canceled for NBC’s reboot

Cruel Intentions

The Bad intentions The TV series didn’t make it to NBC, and that’s why, its star Sarah Michelle Gellar He is “grateful”.

The network initially ordered a trial procedure for the potential adaptation in February 2016, before eventually Chosen against the green light of the project In October of the same year. Now, in an interview with New York timesGillar (who played cheating sister Kathryn Mertwell in the 1999 film The Unmanned Aviator) stated that the network and concept simply didn’t fit.

“I don’t know. It was a totally crazy time,” she said. “Nothing against NBC, but Bad intentions It flows directly. On the first day, I was like, “This isn’t working.” It’s not just a web show. And if it’s a network show, it’s not my show Bad intentions. So, I was really grateful.”

The Bad intentions The pilot picked up nearly 16 years after the events of the movie, as Annette — now played by Kate Levering — raises her and Sebastian’s teenage son Bash in Ohio. Annette once again crosses paths with Sebastian’s sister Catherine (Gillard) when Bash escapes to San Diego, searching for the truth about his father’s past.

Although production studio Sony shopped the project after the NBC pass, the expanded casting choices were ultimately not renewed.

Then in October 2021, nearly five years after NBC passed Amazon’s free streaming service IMDb TV Development started in a new way in the original movie. Phoebe Fisher (trance) to write The Pilot alongside Sarah Goodman (from the original gossip girl), while Neil H. Moritz – who produced the original Bad intentions film – was among the executive producers of the project.

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Gellar can currently be seen in a Netflix movie take revengeReleased on Friday, September 16th.

Would you like to see the broadcast version of Bad intentionsOr do you agree with Gellar? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.