September 22, 2023

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Saturn’s rings are disappearing – what scientific research shows

Saturn’s rings are disappearing – what scientific research shows

its episodes Saturn It may not be visible through telescopes to future astronomy enthusiasts.

This follows according to CNN From new data collected by the Cassini mission NASAwhich orbited the planet between 2004 and 2017.

Our solar system and its planets were created 4.6 billion years ago and scientists have come across many times Confrontation About the age and origin of Saturn’s rings.

Some scientists argue that the bright ice rings must be younger because they haven’t been eroded or darkened by meteorite interactions in billions of years.

Study published in the journal Icaruson May 15 supports the theory that the rings appeared after the initial creation of Saturn, a position that other studies agree with.

“Our conclusion is that Saturn’s rings are cosmically younger by only a few hundred million years,” says Richard Doresen, professor of astronomy at Indiana University Bloomington.

“If one looks at Saturn’s satellite system, there is further evidence that something happened in the past hundreds of millions of years. If Saturn’s rings are not as old as the planet, then something happened and should be studied.”

Scientists believe that the mystery will be solved by future missions to Saturn.

Saturn’s iconic rings are disappearing

by Ashley StricklandCNN

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