December 2, 2023

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Scenario Panathinaikos and Pavon! (vids)

Scenario Panathinaikos and Pavon!  (vids)

It seems unlikely that Alireza Ganbas will ever wear the green jersey, as one sports newspaper notes.

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The greens are looking for extremes in january and the name that “circles” from the beginning o Ivan Jovanovich it’s his Alireza JanbasBelongs to Feyenoord But he is expected to leave.

as mentioned before”Live Sports“, the Dutch people They do not accept to lend Iran or disengage from it and demand a great deal of concession, while Janpas She doesn’t seem… crazy about the possibility of her existence Greece.

However, the fact that the player is not satisfied with the role he will play Feyenoord It made him think of every possibility for his future, and as a result Panathinaikos He wasn’t finally out of “Battle”, but the chances of him passing on had decreased significantly.

Το who is

experienced Iranian extremist He started his career from Academies she has Checkers In his country and until the summer of 2013 he also played in the men’s team, making 45 appearances with 10 goals and 1 assist.

Then he got it Nijmegen, who kept it for two years and used it 64 times, and the player scored 19 goals and 22 assists. These stats brought him to Alkmaar For 1.8 million euros, with Iranian He played 111 times and scored 37 goals and 31 assists, earning a spot in the National Football League Premier League!

in the summer of 2019 Brighton She gave 19 million euros to make it her with him Janpas to play 61 times with “seagullsHe scored 4 goals and 2 assists. In 2021 he returned to the Hollandwith the Feyenoord Acquiring him for one million euros and the player to count 57 matches so far, with 10 goals and 7 assists.

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At the national level, he is a 64-time international, scoring 13 goals, while also playing K19 And the K23 From Iran.

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