February 5, 2023

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Scenarios for qualifying for the round of 16

World Cup 2022

Hakpo celebrates his goal in the Netherlands vs Ecuador match
2022 AP PHOTO/Martin Meissner

The Netherlands have the upper hand in the group despite a draw with Ecuador. A battle between Ecuador and Senegal to qualify for the round of 16. And the scenarios in detail.

The second round of his group A is complete. world CupAfter she wins Senegal beat Qatar 3-1 and tie Between the Netherlands and Ecuador 1-1.

right Now , Holland with the Ecuador Four dots, followed by a Senegal With three points and the last eliminated catarrh with zero.

World Cup 2022, Group A: Qualification scenarios for the round of 16

ranking criteria

  1. points in all matches
  2. Best goal difference in all matches
  3. The best attack in all matches
  4. Points in matches between tied teams
  5. Best goal difference in matches between tied teams
  6. Best attack in matches between tied teams
  7. Fair play points in all matches (-1 for a yellow card, -3 for a yellow card, -4 for a straight red card, -5 for a yellow and red card)
  8. draw

The Netherlands is in a better position and against weak Qatar it seems that they will limit qualification to the round of 16. For the other situation, it looks like Ecuador and Senegal will compete. But let’s look at the scenarios in detail.

Next round:

  • 17:00 Netherlands – Qatar (Al-Home Stadium) – ANT1 / ANT1 +
  • 17:00 Ecuador – Senegal (Kalifa International Stadium) – ANT1 / ANT1+

scenarios in detail

What does the Netherlands need?

  • And qualifies for the round of 16, even with a draw with Qatar in the last round.
  • And in the event that they are defeated by the organizers, they advance with Ecuador’s victory over Senegal. In the event of a tie in Ecuador – Senegal, Orani is tied with the African team and goal difference or the rest of the classification criteria are calculated for qualification. With Senegal winning, the Netherlands need to achieve a better goal ratio with Ecuador in the match. Otherwise, follow the following equality criteria.
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What does Ecuador need?

  • They have the upper hand and qualify with a draw against Senegal.
  • If they lose to Senegal, Ecuador only needs the Netherlands to beat Qatar with more goals than they would concede to the African team. If they finish with the same number of goals, the rest of the criteria will be applied to determine qualification through second place.

What does Senegal need?

  • Senegal just wants to beat Ecuador without relying on another result.
  • If they tie with Ecuador, they need the Netherlands to beat Qatar, but by a large margin, to get a better goal ratio. In the case of the same coefficient, other criteria will play a role.

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