September 22, 2023

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See hate messages exchanged by 38-year-old man with victim’s brother

See hate messages exchanged by 38-year-old man with victim’s brother

“In light of advertising,” he brings up the example, Hate messages Exchanged by A 38-year-old woman with an alkaline fluid attack to her husband in Cretewith the victim’s brother.

about this 38-year-old conversations With her 36-year-old husband’s brother, soon after deciding to divorce. The 36-year-old, according to the accused, He was under pressure from his familyTo end his short married life, however, he did not want to part with her He wanted to impose his own rules. According to the 36-year-old woman, her husband gave her two options: not to have another relationship in the future, to continue seeing each other secretly, or to return to her ex-husband and resume contact. “Under no circumstances will he accept that I will find another man and move on with my life”, He told

At the end of June, 38 years old and his 36 year old brother They exchanged hateful messages and her stormy relationship with her husband was evident Takes another turn. Judging from the conversation the 38-year-old has requested to make public, it seems she is pressuring him to sign the divorce papers. She alleged that her 36-year-old brother had planned with other relatives to get her husband married to another woman. “It’s time to speak the language you understand”, her last words to her husband’s brother. According to Star, the 36-year-old’s family background, He talked about “pink” photos To the victim’s brother. In fact, he did not hesitate to invite him to a hotel in Heraklion, assuming, as they say, that he had not chosen him by chance. particular man She blamed him for her breakup since 36. By his own estimation, the 38-year-old is not excluded This must have been done to meet and attack him.

Also, the 36-year-old’s brother spoke to Star, which the 38-year-old confirmed. Pathological jealousy Also referring to the relationship the couple had from the first day they met. “This woman is crazy, she is perverted as a person, she has created problems with many families in the past and now she has caked us,” commented the victim’s brother, who is 36 years old and is currently hospitalized. A serious condition is the risk of losing an eye due to caustic attack.

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