March 29, 2023

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Serbian Bridge: New Travel Facilitation Measures Announced – Newsbomb – News

Mr. Kasabidis announced that alternative routes with openings on the side of the provincial road would immediately reduce congestion.

An extraordinary public meeting was held in the afternoon in the spiritual center of Serbia, under the Western Regional Governor. MacedoniaGiorgos Kasapadis, in order to find solutions for the movement of citizens, students, but also professionals due to extraordinary works Rehabilitation of High Bridge.

With photographic materials, the position of the Serbia bridge was captured, where it was “injured”, explaining to the residents of the municipalities of Serbia and Velvento the reasons that led to its closure – in accordance with recommendations. Scientists – Regional Governor of Western Macedonia Giorgos Kasabidis presented all the facts and follow-up actions in front of a large crowd, mayors and N.T. Presented by Giorgos Amanatidis, Stathis Constantidis, Vickys Vrisidos and Kalliopi. Vetta from the SYRIZA-Progressive coalition.

Until the Sarvia Bridge is reopened to traffic, the alternative routes along the side of the provincial road will immediately decongest the road, Mr. Kasabidis declared.

As for the Kosani Larisa road via Trigonikos, if there is a collapse at one point, procedures will continue with forced flushes to complete the project, while in the next period trucks will be sent from Rimnio so as not to create problems in residential areas. From increased traffic.

In the context of requesting financial support for all those affected by the closure of the bridge in the area, Mr. Kasabidis informed the citizens.

At the same time, the inspection of all bridges in the Western Macedonia region will continue immediately.

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ND’s MPs in the Kosani Parliamentary Assembly declared their support to the citizens, and especially Mr. Amanathidis spoke about government funding for victims of the closure of the Servia Bridge, while Ms Vrisido mentioned the development of alternative routes. and dealing with them, while Mr. Constantides announced his support for a regional commission to deal with the Serbian bridge.

Ms. Vetta, on her part, criticized the government for its delay in handling the situation and taking immediate steps for alternative movement of citizens.

The mayors of Servia Christos Eleftheriou and Velventou Manolis Stergiou requested the support of the government regarding the problems arising from the closure of the bridge and the isolation of the area for residents, professionals and workers.

A major problem in the movement of students

In particular, the school bus route from Rimnio is about 30 kilometers away, and together with the traffic, the route takes more than an hour, resulting in students missing the first hour of classes. Until the restoration work of the bridge is completed, start from home early.

Source: ERT