November 29, 2022

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Serious complaints about the “world ark”.

Former guests complain of violent behavior by building staff, while talking of punches and slaps while locking children in rooms – Emergency meeting at 9:30 under Prime Minister – Archbishop’s reaction

As the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office investigates three cases of neglect and four cases of beatings in Volos, Chios, Kalamata, Athens and Ioannina, complaints from the public about what children suffered in the “world ark” structure are shocking. . Revelations about what’s going on in the avalanche-shaped “ark” and revelations about special structures will be at the center of an emergency meeting at Maximos tomorrow, Monday at 9.30 am, chaired by the Prime Minister. .

The meeting will be attended by Labor Deputy Minister Domnas Michaelido and Secretary General of Social Solidarity Giorgos Stamatis.

The objective is to examine the framework and measures to be taken to ensure the protection of children while the judicial investigation of allegations against the structure is pending.

“They locked us in houses and warehouses”

At the same time, the testimonies of former food workers coming to the public are shocking and even “burn” a member of the structure. Ex-prisoners report not only incidents of violence but also disorderly conduct. In particular, they report violent behavior on the part of construction workers, while, as they describe, the children were locked up in rooms in the organization’s houses, only to go to work for punishment. structure. At the same time, 11- and 12-year-old children were forced to wash dishes and write sentences to speak in the dining room, while the staff kept their pocket money.

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At the same time, a new testimony came to light from an 18-year-old youth who lived in the company’s structures in Ioannina and Volos. The young man complains that when he was 13 years old, when he lived in the Bogoniani structure, for a small reason, one of the aforementioned “Kivotos” workers, in the role of “Pedonamists”, attacked him.

This man also physically abused three other children in the same structure, where the conditions, infrastructure and staff were otherwise impeccable.

At the same time, according to the complaint of the 18-year-old, the same worker was allegedly involved in the beating of Volos.

“It was violent, in other words they were beaten badly. One kid in particular was 17 years old, he was beaten, his eye was swollen, his ear was bleeding. They didn’t care, they came out, I said, he has a terrible dream at night, because they at 12 his They entered the room and beat him in the middle of the night. One was holding his mouth while the other beat him,” says an 18-year-old former guest at Kivoto.

“These two grew up in the ark and stayed in the ark for many years, next to their father. He specifically beat me to admit that I smoked. We were in the warehouse then and he locked the door and hit me with two or three cuffs,” says the 18-year-old.

Intervention of Hieronymus

Revelations about the “Ark” The Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, Mr. This provoked the reaction of Ironimos, who yesterday afternoon “ordered the holding of ordinary inquiries. The authorities, at the expense of the clergy of the holy diocese of Athens, to whom I imposed and whom I imposed, by my decision, prohibited the sacrificial acts until the judgment of the case.

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“As a church, we are at the disposal of the authorities to contribute in any way to the complete clarification of this horrific case,” he pointed out.

“The Holy Archdiocese of Athens does not have or has any relationship with the MKO. The “World Ark” does not own it. The only person responsible for its management, administration and entire operation is the above-mentioned cleric, who never agreed to set up the structures of the MKO. Under the supervision of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens or the social It should cooperate in any way with its employees in the fields of welfare and solidarity,” he clarifies, among others.

Givotos insists on false defamation

For its part, Arc of the World insists in a post on Facebook that it is talking about defamation: “We want to state very categorically the complaints that saw the light of day compiled in the Sunday newspaper. Totally false and defamatory” .

“We want to state very categorically that the complaints published in the Sunday newspaper are completely false and defamatory,” a statement from “Kivotos” said.

Source: Sky.G.R