February 5, 2023

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Shakira: She was away on a trip and saw Habib Pique at their house – in an interview via Zoom

Shakira was missing with their children

The folk singer is said to have been “dashing”. Shakira According to Page Six, after being revealed by her fans.

They discovered the new partner of Gerard Pique’s ex-husband, Clara Chia Marty, in a Zoom interview that the famous soccer player conducted from his home in 2021, before he parted ways with the Latina star.

It was shot in the house he and Shakira were living in when they were living together “Happy Together” at that time. A source told Page Six that the singer was “shocked to see this woman clearly felt at home in the space the couple shares with their children.”

Shakira was traveling away with her kids when her ex-husband gave her Zoom interview. But “they were still well together at the time. It’s frustrating for her to learn that this relationship has lasted for much longer than she thought,” said the source cited by the site.

Pique and Shakira announced their split last year after 11 years together. They lived together in Barcelona for eight years.

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