April 1, 2023

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Shortly after AX closes – strong correction with majority of stocks in the red

He buys: Closes with losses but much better than today’s lows seen in the morning. Of course, the shift in European markets also helped. Although the DAX lost 1%, at the time of our final auctions it was marginally positive. So G.I. From -2.66%, it closed at around 1,119 points, with a loss of 1.26%. Again a good trading value. We’ve seen securitization moves in banks and in some heavy papers, but also in selective placements but in a few companies. We’ll also say that in the small and mid-cap companies that we haven’t seen a similar uptick, we’ve seen big losses, which is why the majority of stocks are in the red today.

Jumbo: For some time, the stock was the only stock going up. It finally closed at +3.23% and €19.50. Excellent course and leaves us completely satisfied.

Banks: The European Bank closed only marginally higher by 0.03% and Piraeus had the biggest losses, which of course had the biggest rise. lost 4.01%. ALFA lost 2.69% and NGE 2.18%. The profit-taking moves are fully justified.

Attica Bank: Perhaps they were joking with the authorities of the World Health Organization, who decided yesterday to change the maximum and minimum fluctuations from Monday. The stock closed at +19.23%. From Monday the new limit.

engine oil: Who can complain about a stock’s performance? It fell 2.72 percent and closed at 25 euros. Profit-taking moves are also justified here.

EYDAP: It closed up by 0.43%, but its picture over the past few months is unacceptable. It is clear that the industry has nothing to show, but not like that, guys!

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energy: The stock picture is good and it closed at 4.0950 EUR, up 1.87%.

Blue rice: Several packages were made, all of €2.25 a share and all of 45,000 shares. A total of 7 packages were made.

FRIGOGLASS: Someone must now explain to us why while the company’s announcement appeared on the exchange’s website yesterday at 10:00, trading was suspended today and after the first call auction took place. What happened to the market authorities as they delay the decisions, controls and implementation of the decisions they need?

I: Waiting for justice decisions. Of course, they cannot influence the outcome of the general meeting, they can simply delay it. Tomorrow the general meeting and before the court’s decision. If requests from the Iliopoulos side are rejected, the transaction will be executed. We will mention that Mr. Iliopoulos has asked the General Assembly. to be in the afternoon. Are you saying he knew the decision was coming a few hours earlier and rushed to create some…space?

Plastic from Thrace: We’ve written it before. First to fall, last to rise. Low today at 4.18 EUR, closing at 4.2350 EUR.

he has: Here too, a pullback is possible with the stock closing at €4.20. With these transformations, A.A. You should have seen other numbers but what can you say…

Elisetron: Among the few that managed to close higher today. at +1.12% and at €2.72.

Basins: A strong fall in the amount of 446 thousand pieces.

Premia: It did not reach a particular high but lost 3.15% and closed at 1.23 EUR.

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TR. Greece: Dividends of 0.6720 euros and a net profit of 456.8 million euros

George Katikas
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