February 6, 2023

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Slaughterhouse – a skyscraper for breeding and killing a million pigs annually

On the outskirts of Izus in the center China, located building consisting of 26 floors. From the outside it looks like an office building or apartment complex.

It’s actually huge Pig And the largest slaughterhouse in the world with a capacity to kill up to 1.2 million animals.

It is the result of China’s “starvation” of pork, the country’s most popular animal protein, it was noted guardian. This bizarre and spooky skyscraper abattoir opened in October when it received 3,700 seeds. The company owned by MIn recent years he has been engaged in animal husbandryIt was and still is… the cement industry. Although she originally planned to enter the prepared food market, the downturn in the cement and construction markets turned her to pig farming.

It appears that the owners They see a future in this field Because they are building a second identical building near the first one. In fully operational condition they would have 800,000 square metres. areas and the possibility of breeding 650,000 animals.


Everything will be automated With 30,000 feeders operated at the push of a button from the control room. The pig droppings will be used to produce biogas and thus energy for the plant.

Along with the animals will be locked up workers who will undergo rigorous disinfection before they are allowed to work their shift. The next exit break will be (said to be) in a week.

But it is likely that these units will become Breeding ground for new disease outbreaks. Although pigs will live in an environment isolated from domestic animals, they do not stop living in large numbers, which is an ideal environment for mutts as well.

The unit in Izu opens onto the street for other facilities as well. Only in Sichuan Province 64 units planned or builtpushing pig farming toward a not-so-rosy future.

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