February 7, 2023

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Smile in the Dark Blog – Nikos Papadogiannis

Nikos Papadogiannis saw Panathinaikos win without much of a bacon ball and suggested that a good month could come close with a team closer to the top eight.

the Panathinaikos From innings and methodical self-handling, he finally found a way to play well for 40 minutes and expel his bad self. The negative line stopped at “6” and the odd swing of this Devil’s week stopped at “up”.

The Greens have gone 35 winless days, but they are just three steps away from the playoff line. in this strange euroleague In 2022-23, a good month can lift a team up as much as a bad team can bring it down. It is completely wrong for Panathinaikos to write off the year from now on.

The thrill was worthy in the old days, but purists with strong memories will be saddened by the memories. Basketball tonight, with one pass or no passand with training turmoil was not like the titles dates.

2000 Final F.CThessaloniki2001 Suproliga Final Paris, Semi-finals 2002 at Bologna As Panathinaikos returns on Thursday, the 2005 semi-finals Moscowthe sixth star in 2011 at Barcelonauntil the 2012 thriller series with Obradovic against Platt (3-2).

Signs of the times, you might say. Coach’s Basketball took a back seat And the bacon of this world holds a baguette in their hands. However, the match was supposed to be decided by the clear mind of the player which fit perfectly with the philosophy of the “Zots”.

the Nate Walters He had a half-open horizon in front of him on Panathinaikos’ last possession, seconds ticking on the clock like weights, but the computer inside him refused to short-circuit. The American pass didn’t just find him Derek Williams Free, but also laid the foundation for victory since then The field goal scored was 3 points, not 2.

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With the score at 88-86, the defense in the last 7 seconds had a variety of options and eased the fear of a “knockout”. the Wade Baldwin He’s taken the ball on the three-pointer with 1/21 hooked with his hands over the last five games.

The Greens exclaimed and relatively calmly saw the American try from 6 meters away after the demonstration that crushed his ankles. Walters And they threw him on the ground. Even if it was set before Baldwinthe equalizing shot (not the overtaking) was the possibility of extra time.

You will ask yourself, “With what heart will Panathinaikos enter the field again”. And reallyYou can’t lose two wins easily In your hands within three days …

Its two minutes hot Dwayne Bacon At the end of the last five minutes, with the ten points that brought Panathinaikos from -1 to +9, was certainly one of the most important points for the “greens” to win. However, his American distinction Bonnie Coulson With his eyes and propelled him to a career-high 31 points, while also having solid support on his side. “Bacon-ball” was not an A and O for Panathinaikos tonight.

the Paris me He gained confidence from the countless ‘Deviations’ he caused (against level opponents Lorenzo Brown) and convert them into task baskets, o Derek Williams He saw familiar faces and asked him to do his part and culminated in the winning shot, while the o George Papgiannis He achieved his best performance of the year: 19 + 21 + 17 + 16 points, a perfect quadruple to hide the negligence of all the “extremities”.

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His late defensive trick should be noted here Dejan RadonicWhich made the night even deeper Papajiani To block their midrange game Brown, Baldwin It didn’t let him flounder helplessly in all three stages, except for a stage or two near the end where almost everyone was slow to come back.

The tall man felt confident in Fall’s defence, when for once he was adequately nourished and benefited from the food. We saw him hit (and hit) three-pointers without the slightest hesitation, but also hit a technical penalty as if Brook Lopez

the MaccabeeOf course, weak outside Tel Aviv (2-10) and unimportant training, because it relies more on the initiative and instinct of its regional players, and on sports, than on mass Odent Catas. Here, however, is where incoherent basketball keeps it going Among the distinguished eight or on its line.

How much better would it be? Panathinaikosif he had a dynamic goalkeeper with a vertical game and a body like him Baldwin; But let’s not continue this conversationBecause we will have to throw contract zeros on the table, we will also remember the gold-paid puzzle gregones And we’ll end with “good again.”