April 1, 2023

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Spielberg reveals which of his 34 films he considers “almost perfect”… [videos]

Spielberg reveals which of his 34 films he considers “almost perfect”… [videos]

File:American director and producer Steven Spielberg. Environmental Protection Agency, GIUSEPPE LAMI

American director and producer Steven Spielberg He has directed 34 films since 1971, many of which are considered classics.

However, he has admitted that it’s hard for him to rewatch his movies – but there is a movie he’s revisited that he knows is undeniably great.

“I don’t watch my movies after I made them,” the director said on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, adding, “I don’t look back much, but sometimes I watch a movie with my kids.”

Steven Spielberg explained that he wanted to “comfort his kids when they first saw E.T.” adding:

“I didn’t want them to watch ET without their dad sitting with them — especially during the scary parts in the beginning.”

  • Spielberg has made it clear that he actually enjoys watching the 1982 movie, ET: The Extra-Terrestrial.

“Sometimes I see things I meant to do that I didn’t, and sometimes I see things that could have been a better idea than what I’m watching now all these years later — but for the most part, ET is a pretty perfect movie,” he said.

“It’s one of the few movies I’ve made that I can watch over and over,” he said.

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