October 4, 2023

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sportdog.dr | Notis Sfakianakis is back! At OAKA with a performance by Giannakopoulos – “Speech and Song”

sportdog.dr |  Notis Sfakianakis is back!  At OAKA with a performance by Giannakopoulos – “Speech and Song”

Summer bomb from the owner of the Panathinaikos basketball team who is preparing for the move of the year!

Dimitris Giannakopoulos, after completing the transfer to the Panathinaikos basketball team (although another disappearance as he said…) is preparing for the bomb of the summer, which will not concern the team, but will be linked to OAKA!

A few days ago we remind you that the owner of KAE via Instagram He once again expressed his appreciation, love and support for Notos Sfakianakis Who was absent from the events of recent years and gave his own interpretation, Reasons why he stays away from the limelight!

However, after 24 hours he showed that he was very interested in the matter and everyone knew that if he decided to handle something, there was no way he wouldn’t be exonerated!

So, a few days ago and after related posts, in a relaxed mood, Giannakopoulos went live on Instagram and talked to some viewers.

Somewhere he even put the song “But I’m Greek” with “rain” falling in the comments.

Shortly before the live broadcast ended, the Panathinaikos strongman said the following: “In Noti we will call him OAKA. He will say what he wants to say, which is always true, and if he likes it he will sing.”

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“Rally” by Notos Sfakianakis – half a million Greeks for the return – terrible reactions! (picture)

Notis Sfakianakis’ “disappearance” from the public “light” has developed into a “thriller” in recent years.

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A friend and former collaborator of the singer spoke on the “Super Katerina” program, revealing, among other things, that Notis Sfakianakis has now separated from the woman he has been married to since 1991, Kelly Sfakianakis.

In more detail, Sakis Pilatus said: “I’m a close friend of Notis Sfakianakis. I’ve worked with him for 28 years. I haven’t spoken to Notis. I know he’s in Athens. I know a mutual friend of ours who meets with him, and he’s fine, but he doesn’t talk to anyone.”

“It’s his decision and it’s respected. I talk to his children and his wife. They tell me he’s fine. The last time we spoke was at his mother’s funeral 3 years ago. Maybe he has a problem with his voice, I can’t think of anything else. They tell me he’s fine, that he’s in a good mood.” “, goes out, etc. He chose to be alone. Notis Sfakianakis no longer lives with his wife, they have separated.” Sakis Pilatos confirmed to Notis Sfakianakis.

But Notis is not a random artist. He’s a singer who thrived on Greek tracks and who filled the store every night, not with spectators but with… die-hard supporters. Sfakianakis has been beloved like few singers, which is why, in the last few days, there has been a huge mobilization of his regular listeners, so that he can make a comeback.

Specifically, they created a Facebook page where they ask for 500,000 likes, in order to pass it on to Sfakianakis, to show him how much they support him and…to push him to get back on the tracks and sing!

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