June 1, 2023

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Spring returns on Sunday – when will the weather change again?

The temperature rises tomorrow, Sunday – as far as the mercury reaches Attica.

Sunday, weather It will be just like spring, with extended periods of sunshine, while the high temperature will reach normal May levels.

In most parts of the country, the weather will be clear, with the sun shining bright from the morning. During the noon hours, some clouds will form in the continental regions, with local rain in the mountains.

Relatively limited instability is expected, according to Cristina Rigo’s forecast, which means that midday rains in the mountains will occur at a local level. There will be long periods of sunshine in the Aegean Sea, except in the south, where clouds are expected to increase until the afternoon. And in Crete, Rhodes and Kastellorizo, local rains will continue until evening and will stop.

The temperature will rise slightly. At noon the thermometer will approach 24 degrees in northern Greece, and from 25 to 26 degrees in the rest of the western, central and southern mainland. It averages 20-24 degrees, which is also the highest in the Aegean islands.

The wind will blow in the northern directions. In ionic, patients 2-3 Beaufort. In the Aegean 3-5, in the central and southern parts 6-7 Beauforts, with a gradual weakening in the afternoon.

In Attica, there will be sunshine with some fluffy clouds early in the morning. The temperature will range from 15 to 26 degrees, and in the east the maximum value will be 2-3 degrees lower. North in the surrounding marine areas 3-5, in the east and 6th Beaufort.

In Thessaloniki, the weather will generally be clear, with bright sun and some thin clouds. In the midday and afternoon hours in the surrounding mountains, clouds will become denser in some places and there will be local showers. The temperature will range from 15-23 degrees, in the south in Thermaikos 2-4 Beaufort.

Weather forecast for the next few days

On Monday, the weather is expected to be clear, with sunshine and light clouds, in most areas. In northern Greece, denser clouds are expected in some places, with local rains and isolated storms in the mountains. Low instability will be felt across the country, with a few local showers in the western, central and southern highlands during midday and afternoon. The temperature will not change dramatically, it will approach 25-26 degrees. And the north current in the seas will reach 4-6 Beauforts, but will gradually recede.

On Tuesday, the weather will change slightly again, with clouds increasing across the country, rain in central and northern Greece, and in the evening in western Greece. The temperature will drop slightly across the country to 24 degrees, but mainly in the north with 18 degrees in the middle of the day. North wind on the seas, 4-6 Beaufort.

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