December 7, 2022

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Stamatillos: “We are waiting for the decisions of Olympiacos” – Football – Super League 1 – Olympiacos

his latest news Olympiaco in his vision The current board of directors of PAE But also from tomorrow’s match in Livadia Nikos Stamatillos to me bwinSPORT FM 94.6.0 Update.

«We are waiting for the board of directors. But also the mission of Levadeiakos. The update is that DD to make critical decisions. We are waiting to see what those decisions will be. There is no information about when it will be held‘, he reported at first.

«We will have an update on the evolution of this specific case and what decisions the board of directors will take… I want to see if there are other things, what will be the reaction or reactions of Olympiacos. The team, for its part, is preparing normally“, he added.

Then talk about it Mitchell’s thoughts on fighting with LevadeiakosNext is the derby with AEK in Karaiskakis before the end of the tournament. “Looks like Mitchell has found the torso. Of the 11 players who played on Avenue, he would have liked Gary Rodriguez to be an extra. He will make some changes in Livadia, because the matches are back-to-back and the derby with AEK follows. The image of Olympiacos will be different in tomorrow’s match, and they will not leave the ball to Levadiakos. Bowler, for example, who played a little on the day before yesterday could claim the starting jersey. Aside from the shocking predictions, there won’t be many changes to the derby lineup with AEK. Maybe Gary Rodriguez and not another defensive man‘, he confirmed.

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