July 4, 2022

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Struggles continue in the province of Panama against the rising cost of living

In a message posted on social media, Edgardo Voytier, one of the leaders of the Coalition for Solidarity with Columbus and the Broad Colonels Front, denounced the maneuvering of his guests and representatives of the real people at the meeting.

“It was the same tactic used by previous governments: call on government sympathizers and then confront us among the colonialists before public opinion to discredit the general strike for our social demands. That is why we decided not to take part in that appointment and maneuvered before,” he said.

He also pointed out that they were not going to fall for these maneuvers or question those who attended the meeting on behalf of the people. With the high cost of petrol and life, we will continue to demand concrete responses to the growth of the colony, ”he noted.

The previous day, Cortizo had promised a new employment plan for the province of Cologne at a meeting at the Presidential Palace in the absence of key community leaders on his ninth day of strike.

More than an hour after the exchange, the President pointed out, without further details, that in the next few days the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development (Mitradel) will announce the employment database for immigrants, which will begin with training for those interested.

Roger Tejada, Mitradel’s manager, leaves the meeting with about 1,500 jobs provided by Minera Panama and about 300 jobs in the Colon Free Zone, the second largest in the world.

It was also agreed to create 600 sites when the construction of the new Manuel Amador Guerrero Hospital was ordered to continue in 15 days, and the work was halted for more than a decade.

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Another statement: Cardiso also promised that there would be alternative revenues that would affect petrol prices and other programs and companies.

Voytier recalled that on May 12 they had already submitted their demands to the ruler, but the President focused on the promises as he had done in November 2021, but nothing definite.

“Conversation with these people is without traps, without tricks and without lies,” Voytier stressed.

Tomorrow, Thursday, the country’s major trade unions called for a march to the presidency against solidarity and pay rises and massive layoffs and high prices for fuel and basic household baskets. They will provide a statement of petitions and request a National Conversation Schedule.

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