February 7, 2023

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Student saves old man from setback with ‘kiss of life’

A student from PatrasAt the same time a lifeguard trainee saved an elderly victim from certain death heart attack.

Fortunately, a citizen was there in time to find someone who knew CPR and took action.

The girl on the spot administered first aid to the old man until the EKAB mobile unit arrived.

«I felt relieved because helping a person in need and saving a life is the most important thing you can doKrishanti Bowleraki said.

The incident took place in front of an apartment building on Tuesday afternoon. An acquaintance of the girl, who saw the incident, learned that she was currently undergoing training at a life-saving school and called her to go to the scene immediately. “When I arrived, a friend of the detainee, an old man of about 50 years. I immediately started saying that I know CPR. When the ambulance came, they patted me on the back saying they were taking me away and I stopped. However, upon arrival, I could see that the man’s head was turned to the side and the airway was obstructed. I immediately tried to free him as I was taught» explains Krisanti Bowler.

EKAV Director delivered the welcome speech

EKAV’s rescuer-director, Geli Kanellopoulou, wrote in her post on Facebook: “I would like to publicly congratulate two young children I don’t know for successfully turning resistance and becoming the next link in the chain of survival for me and the EMS rescuers. Hospital. They knew, they dared, they got the information right, and they acted. Congratulations, may there be more like them in the future. Learn first aid and save a life. You never know when a fellow human being will need help».

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Source: Pelop.gr

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