February 7, 2023

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Super League 1, PAS Ioannina – Olympiacos 2-2: Relax and Pay!

I … Gela started in the second round of the first Premier League Olympic.

The Piraeus team, despite leading 0-2 in Ioannina against PAS, relaxed in the second half and the home team drew 2-2 and had a chance to win the match too!

We see here 0-1

We see here 0-2

We see here 1-2 see here 2-2

Olympiacos with Good Morning in the second round left two points in Ioannina and distanced itself from the title search.


The Piraeus team was clearly superior in the first half and completely dominated the opponent who chose defensive tactics, which was ruined by the individual quality of Fortounis. However, as calm and sporty as the race on the turf was, there was a lot of angst in the stands, bringing it to a standstill for about 20 minutes after it started, due to flares and…a chair fight in the stands.

And when the match resumed, Bale missed a good opportunity to put his team ahead in the 20th minute, when Al-Arabi was confused and shot embarrassingly from a privileged position. Two minutes later, Frosai left with a problem in the left adductor and in the 25th minute, due to a mistake from Syria, Fortunes immediately took the pass to El Arabi, but Solís realized it, while in the 30th minute the goalkeeper of the home team. Corner shot by Fortounis.

The brilliance of Olympiacos was a constant source of danger for the defense of PAS Ioannina, and he confirmed this in the 34th minute, after a perfect cooperation with Al-Arabi, he entered the area from the right side and with a diagonal shot beat Solís with a score of 0-1, and scored his first goal since May 2021.

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And it wasn’t the only time… In the 45th minute, he placed the ball just outside the area line and scored with a deft free-kick 0-2, giving his team a successful lead.

In the second half, Thanasis Staikos realized how wrong he was when he turned his team back, when the hosts “weakened” and went on the offensive, since they had nothing to lose. Moreira in particular was a constant threat, unimaginably upsetting Androutsos and showing just how serious a right-back problem Olympiacos could be.

PAS’s performance showed his temperament in the 55th minute when he volleyed a powerful and graceful shot over Paskalakis’ crossbar. In the 63rd minute, Iliassos hit a header on the crossbar from a corner kick, but Mitchell’s players did not decipher the messages and in the next minute, Palmidis beat Paskalakis with a shot and reduced the score to 1-2.

And as if that weren’t enough, in the 76th minute Androutsos couldn’t stop Moreira who came in from the left, Liassos equalized from close range as he was about to be substituted, as did Pamelidis before scoring, while PAS lost even a chance of victory, when Balan’s overthrow went At 83′, which penetrated between Doi and Androutsos, away.

Referee: Stefanos Kumprakis

Yellow: Peleus, Solis, Moreira – Doi

Bass Giannina (Thanasis Staikos): Solis, Soria, Pantelakis, Eramospi, Peleos, Karachaleos, Rinestra, Iliasos, Moreira, Pamelidis (81 Rosero), Stamatilopoulos (60 Balan).

Olympiacos (Mitchell Gonzalez): Paschalakis, Vrosai (22′ Androutsos), Ritsos, Doi, Riapciuk (81 Marcelo), Imbela, Huang (81 Gary Rodriguez), Bale, James Rodriguez (71′ Kasamy), Fortunes, El Arabi (71′ Bakabou ).

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