December 7, 2022

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Superman: Dwayne Johnson’s Letter to Henry Cavill

A pleasant surprise awaits fans of the capital since then Henry Cavill announced his return as Superman.

“This was just a small taste of what’s to come,” the 39-year-old promised via Instagram, as he will now play the superhero of all future DC Extended Universe films. Introduced by a post-credits scene black Adam which is already shown in theaters.

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In order for this return to take place behind the scenes, a fierce battle took place between them that lasted about 5 years Dwayne Johnsonand his production company and executives in the capital.

Through Twitter, “Rock” sent his own message to Henry Cavill, referring to his struggle for his comeback as “man of steel».

“We fought for years to get you back. They always said no, but for me and Danny Hiram Garcia, ‘No’ wasn’t an option. We can’t build a DCEU without the greatest superhero in the world.” The priority will always be the fans. Welcome to your home. I’ll see you later. – Black Adam.”

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