June 1, 2023

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Survivor All-Star: “Blue” becomes the game’s grand prize this year – in London Players

Survivor All Stars: Players from both teams competed for the coveted trip to London on Sunday night.

After being nominated 9 times, Spyros Martikas emerged unscathed and went on to Survivor All Star.

He calls his constant nominations a “curse” and says he managed to break it by continuing to play despite constant booing from his teammates.

«Some hoped that I would let go of the curse that plagued the survivor. Some hoped that in the last race whoever holds the ten favorites, or if that race was won by the team with the favorite, that favorite would come out. This is the curse that has plagued the survivor for years. Many were counting on this curse to leave meSpyros Martikas said characteristically.

«I wished for the ninth time in the love of the world, in its support, in its truthadded the pharmacist, who is defiantly marching against all odds.”

Vote down and leave

The departure of Evi Saltaveredo cost some of the red team players, who considered the player’s departure unfair.

Thus begins a heated argument at the cottage with Stavroula, Takis, and Stella. Stavrola Cressidi would ideally like Melina to leave Metaxa and called Effie’s departure unfair. On the other hand, Carragonia and Andredo did not support it, because they consider that votes are not purely competitive and that the opinion of the television audience is also important.

«I said yesterday that Effie is gone and there are others who don’t deserve to be here. This is for the world to judge who is worthy and who is not. I really think some quality racing players are leaving. If you mean it competitively, yes. But it seems strange because it is people who vote and give money to some to stay hereKaragounias said at first.

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«Well boy can’t I have my own review too? People can vote for whomever they want and like whomever they want. But this is my opinionStavrola replied.

Then the player spoke to the cameras and characteristically said: “What do you mean my Stavrola? Isn’t it fair that it’s me or Melina or Martikas or I don’t know who’s left? Is ruling the world unfair? You will do well, Stavrola, to be careful because the time will come when you too will sometime be a candidate and will want the world with you».

Asimakopoulos nails to Martica

The departure of Evie Saltaveredo caused turmoil in the Reds team with players throwing nails at each other to rig the vote.

Giorgos Asimakopoulos likened Spyros Martikas to a bee that carries information.

“They talk about Nikos Partzis, but they don’t deal with the Spyros bee Martica. Blue flowers go to red flowers. He carries information, he’s very adept at it, as he did me, but he didn’t catch it. He knew Effie might be weaker in public and set him up From here and there and Effie went out and Effie left.”

Agon announced a huge prize

In Sunday’s game, Atjung had a huge upset for both teams, with players left speechless when the award was announced.

The Turkish presenter and producer announced to the players how the winning team will go to … London, with all the characteristics of a derby.

The two teams were tied with the game going to a flag race, with the Blues winning the finale and “tickets” to a visit to the British capital.

Blues in London

Then the players of the blue team went to London, where they watched the Hull match and enjoyed a walk through the streets of the British capital.