February 6, 2023

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Survivor All Star: Blue wins, celebrity nerves in red — it’s all we saw on Sunday

its second week Survivor All-Star Yesterday Sunday January 15th started and it was all, the crying, the laughter and of course the prize food – everything we saw on last night’s episode of the reality show

the first episode to her week It started with the first Reward and Immunity match. Having a losing streak blue They fought like no other for victory and won it, so they were able to obtain the food they had been deprived of for so long while at the same time getting rid of the stress of vote.

the reds On the other hand, they broke their winning streak and found themselves in the difficult position of voting someone from their team as a candidate to leave.

With result 10-9 they lost Famous from fighters who prove to be more dynamic and determined in field of play Teams need food prize every day and of course everyone try their best to win.

In the end it was the fighters who would eat the honey cakes which were the prize food.

teams advanced Flag race With Katerina Dalaka and Stathis Chiesa from the Reds and Ilias Bogdanos and Milena Metaxas from the Blues. The last point was brought up before Despair to me blue And so the set fighters Win the food prize!

Watch the video with the last point Elias brought to the Blues:

Earlier, Stella Andreadou and Eurydiki Valavani entered the battlefield, so did the Reds player 9-9 And so the teams moved on Flag race.

It is reported that the famous athlete achieved 2/2 and dedicated her victory somewhere in the sky.

Eurydice earlier brought triumph and reputation to the entire Caribbean!

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Watch the video for the last point that brought the blues in and they managed to win a food prize!

The big midnight fight between Taki and Carolina

the episode to her Sunday It started with a big fight in the middle of the night between Takis Karagoñas and Karolina. The two players fought while their teammates were already asleep.

“Look, Carolina, I spoke to Martikas very nicely, I never got into a confrontation with him,” He said at the beginning Takis Karagounias and the Caroline I interrupted him by telling him that some people were asleep. Then Takis got annoyed and answered her “I am speaking to you, you will listen to me.”

Shortly before that, Elias warned his colleagues to stop Martica marking the latter board.

“By the time we answer, we’ve made him a man,” He said, among other things, Elias on Spyros Martikas.

Marialena: “It’s better not to call Sakis”

than it seems Marilena Romeliotis And Sakis Katsoulis They communicated during matches and the first team didn’t like any Blues.

“Sakis and I are in different teams, it is difficult for me to see him and not talk to him, but I will respect my team’s opinion not to contact during the match,” he said. Marialina Romeliotis.

Euridiki Valavani on Vassalos: ‘I can’t stand ironies’

Recall that after her voluntary departure Frisidas Andrioto But also his first retirement Pericles of KondylatouCelebrities and fighters continue their journey in the reality show. After a string of defeats, the Blues want more than anything else a win that gives them the much-needed food they’ve been denied and relieves them of the pressure of voting.

Spyros Martikas of the blue team gets in trouble with Konstantinos Vassalos because he thinks he has already put together a clique to stay in the game, and “beats” Takis.

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Vassalus uses any means to stay in the game. When victory comes by force and you are faced with such a catastrophic state of starvation that we are barely fed. You resort to the formation of the clique you had in your outer life or from a game here and you ‘beat’ a player who was not liked in the previous game and this player It is Takis, Takis that brings you victories.” said the Spyros Marticus.

Her teammate’s comments seemed to have upset Eurydiki Valavani who, speaking to the camera, said: “It looks like the Martika project has started. Everyone can have their own opinion. If Spyros thinks Konstantinos should have been a candidate, that’s his right. I just don’t.” I can stand the sarcasm and the damning comments.”

Ilias Bogdanos: “My head numb and I said I am dying, I am decaying”

Survivor All Star’s blue team players went several days without food. Ilias Bogdanos and Giorgos Asimakopoulos could not hide their despair.

Specifically, speaking directly to the Survivor All Star camera, Mr Elias Bogdanos That was acknowledged “So far I have tried to see it positively as I always do in my life, but last night for me was the hardest night I have ever lived. I woke up at some point in the night and felt like my whole body was numb and what scared me was that my head was so numb. I was numb here!” I say, I die, I fade away.”

“We’ve been without food for seven days. We’re really hungry and I don’t know how to stand. I mean, a while ago when I stood I got dizzy and fell on the floor. I see everything is black.”added, in turn, George Ismakopoulos on Survivor All Star. “We’re really hungry and something has to change about that, but I’m afraid we’re moving around like the undead. We’re hungry! Do you get it? We can’t take it! I try to see it on the positive side but it’s impossible, I feel like crying.”

The Reds threw him into the song

We saw them yesterday reds To sing to forget their hunger for a while. Of course, the band’s singer started it. Elias Bogdanos.

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Hungry, wet and fighting fighters

It should be noted that Blue Team was in a miserable situation, apart from being hungry, their hut was leaking water which made the survivors unable to sleep.

“Unfortunately, the roof we built in the early days had holes in it. Once the first rain came, we realized how badly we had prepared it.”said Carolina Kaleva.

added: “The rain has awakened us and given us strength. Soon we will not be able to sleep. We have, we are not giving up, we may be in these unprecedented circumstances. I do not wish anyone to go through what we are going through.”

Takis Karagounias for Vassalo: “I want you to curse me”

He had a strange request Takis Karagounias which his teammate asked Konstantinos Vassalos Curse him to get a boost.

Konstantinos Vassalos was naturally surprised, but Takis insisted on cursing him when he was on the battlefield.

Stathis Chezas scored an own goal

during that time Stathis Shizas was with him Konstantinos Vassalos On the field of battle, the Reds player made a mistake and scored his own goal. In particular, a shot from Stathis hit Vassallo and the Reds protested.

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