March 30, 2023

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Survivor All Star: Mario Priamos Incident – ‘I’ve got to be out for a month’

What happened;

With an unexpected start, the episode of Survivor Sunday night (5/3). Marios Priamos Ioannidis, in a discussion with his teammates, tells them that he broke his finger and that according to the doctor’s opinion he should be out of competition for at least a month, although he has no intention of doing such a thing.

“I’m a little sore but it’s getting a little better. The doctors told me that for me to go away completely and for me to get better, I need to be outside for about a month,” he said at first.

He added, “I will not do that, but it is not possible. We said that we will see the battlefields and we will judge on that basis.”

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Eleftherio’s freedom is furious

Meanwhile, the Red Team has its ups and downs, with Eleftheria Eleftherio in the spotlight after dialogue with Stathis Chiesa. The singer, not wanting to spoil Stathis’s mood, lied that his partner sends him love letters and kisses, while he did not have such communication with Alexandra Panagiotaro.

The time of revelation came and Stathis Schizas “froze” with Eleftheria’s decision to convey to him messages that his lover had never spoken.

Shortly before the new competition, Giorgos Lianos met both teams. There, Eleftheria Eleftherio exploded with the “attacks” she had suffered in the last few hours, accusing Martikas of commenting on Chiza’s personal life behind his back.

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