February 6, 2023

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Survivor All Star: New players, departing and intense competition

Survivor All-Star: SKAI’s honeymoon week of survival is over and now the hard work begins.

the Survivor All-Star It was one program that everyone was looking forward to. Especially with the names of the players who are ready to enter the game. After all, there were many resounding absences like him George Angelopoulos And her rose, but the first week showed positive writing samples for SKAI. The question, of course, is what will become of them 16 January and beyond, when the fairy tale series enters the “game”. Stop their promotion during the holiday season but also chef.

Star has already started not showing enough footage of Survivor on her shows, apparently “uploading” her own product of reality cooking. The rest of the channels, from the start, bet a lot on their successful series, such as sasmus, the “The land of olivesAnd the “Trapped”. In the face of competition, then, the survival reality program is called upon to withstand the levels of viewership and there are already developments that show that there will be more surprises, intrigue and ups and downs to increase viewers interest.


This was also seen from her first voluntary retirement from the game Frisidas Andreotto, But also the next day in St. Dominic and how her partner will deal with her absence, Spyros Marticus. After all, the topic of… couples on Survivor is one that really intrigues the public, as much attention is paid to their relationship Eurydice Falavani so is it Konstantinos Vassalos, who reportedly broke up shortly before entering the game, but also his Sake Katsoulis with the Marialina Romeliotis who found themselves inside it in the penultimate session.

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the marialina, Of course, he’s one of the names that has been in focus in recent days as it’s rumored that she’d want him too Leaves voluntarily out of the game. According to information transmitted in a morning program, the production is making efforts to convince her, as it considers her one of the strong “cards” and does not want to lose her early. Apart from that, he also has to manage players’ entries, as there are a lot of rumours.

should be considered “closed” In the presence of George Korome In the game, just like her Christina Kevala. However, the latest information indicates that another longtime player is all set to enter Survivor All Star. This is no other Eureka Pelides. The world champion in wrestling, who was forced to withdraw in the last round due to health problems, seems to have put everything behind him and is ready to fly to Santo Domingo in order to even claim the prize.

Anyway, from the next episode Survivor All-Star Airing on Sundays (15/1), expect to see many twists and turns and getting one first “taste” About where the game is going. However, the players of the winning team will get a taste of… honey puffs with honey, Because this will be one of the prizes that George Lianos will announce.