June 2, 2023

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Survivor All Star – Nicoletta Mavridis: They lie and sell a lot of money

She talked about her Survivor All Star experience, her teammates and their motivations Nicoletta Mavridiswho until recently participated in the reality show.

The former Survivor All Star was a guest on “Good Afternoon” and confirmed that all of the game’s players They are there for the money.

«Generally, Sold out for a week. That’s a lot of moneyHe said on the Good Evening program.

added:Everyone will lieIf they said they didn’t go for it and said they went for the experience. Everyone prefers to go as far as they can go one way or another. So I knew that I would be nominated. If I want to change my vote, I will and will not run for the first chamber. And you never know, we might have won and I wouldn’t have made the cut. I knew they would vote for me».

«They thought I was stupid. But I’d rather know myself and feel good about myself, because it makes me happy, because my little soul is good. It’s okay, I’ll make money sometime, because I love my job. At some point they will come, but they come as they should and not because I’m stepping on someonesaid the former player.

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