June 2, 2023

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Survivor All Star – Spoiler: Players Out of Limit – The winning team – The player who leaves

There is no end to the developments in Survivor All Star – Spyros Martikas and Nikos Bartzis also have issues with the Reds to solve.

Thursday evening, o’clock The final episode of Survivor All Star The two teams will fight for one Food contest But also for council A departure where we will see one of the blue team players leave from it Saint Dominic.

At the same time, the conflict between Nikos Partzis and the Red Team It doesn’t stop. While the issues with the Red Team players must also be resolved by Spyros Martikas, specifically with Marialina Romeliotis and the Sake Katsoulis.

The pair have been working together since they were on the same team, and that was evident from the very first moment. the Back Ha Marialina Romeliotis Today’s episode sparks new reactions. Their target this time is Spyros Martikas and what he said about her Marialena Tuesday evening at the Island Council while she was away.

Tonight blue The team will again get to take home the win and the food prize, before they go to the exit plate. There is Eleftheria Eleftherio and Spyros Martikas, the Nicholas Agorou and Eleni Haberi who are nominated to leave for Twelfth week From the survival reality show will find out the end result. And it is that Eleni Haberi is leaving Survivor All Star. A departure that will be much commented upon, as Eleni is very good competitively and her absence will certainly cost the Blue Beach team.

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What happens with Bogdano and Saltavredo?

It is reported that the winner of Survivor 2018, Ilias Goutsis, returned to our country and with a story that clearly indicates that he was not the only one who committed a crime and that if he and Pledis opened their mouths with them on the plane, they would be others.

After the above, on SKAI’s “Our Breakfast” programme, a journalist on the occasion of this video pointed out something fishy in the behavior of Gotsis’ “close” friends still in Agios Dominicos. That is, Evi Saltavredo and Ilias Bogdanos.

As said, before Gotsis was kicked out of Survivor, the three of them were constantly lost in the woods away from everyone for hours, which is no longer the case. According to the journalist, their movements are very careful and they make sure that they are always close to the hut.

As he explains, Elias Bogdanos knows how to speak and write English well, leaving the implication that he may have been the guy who wrote the shopping list to give to the locals.

A Greek broadcast reporter has been caught taking money from players

Survivor All Star presenter George Llanos Unveiling the truth of the 2021 video, released these days, through which the production can be seen feeding the players.

As he said in a radio interview, “I have to make some clarifications, because recently there has been a concerted effort to dismantle the game through many broadcasts. Regarding player suspensions, let’s be clear that the punishment is the decision of all players. If it’s a normal survivor and not All-Stars would have supported the penalty.

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The second topic I would like to touch on is the video that was posted on social media which shows players from the 2021 game eating under an umbrella. We are obligated as production – because we didn’t bring them back to shore to cook – to give them food. To give players carbs and protein. I saw another performance of the show and this upset me a lot.”

However, Giorgos Lianos also revealed other discoveries, some of which are sure to be much discussed in the coming hours … The presenter explained that he makes this intervention, not because he feels offended, but to his colleagues. “I don’t allow anyone to ‘shout’ at them without evidence. I feel the need to move on for my partners’ sake. Don’t accuse people without evidence. Don’t be a cheerleader, ’cause you talk about cannibalism in the game, but cannibalism is out there.”

Also, some offers sent correspondents here to report. There was a man who was caught two months later taking money from the players. Agun summoned the players to his house to keep all of them the agreement they had made, and while leaving some of them took things from his house.”

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