February 6, 2023

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Survivor All Star Suite 1/18: Departs Santo Domingo

Survivor All Star Suite: Who will return to Athens soon?

Tuesday’s episode contained the whole immunity match Toys but also vote. Among other things, in yesterday’s episode we saw her first match Caribbean on Survivor All Star. the George Llanos Welcome the two teams to the “package” and have a good time with a prize of two pieces of delicious ham and cheese toast.

After many strange questions Famous They won a score 7-2, fills the void in their stomachs. Victory achieved Nikos Partzis Opposite Milena And he started partying madly with his colleagues.

Kostas Papadopoulos, Eurydice Flavani and Spyros Martikas are waiting for another candidate to come out to close this week’s quartet

in its loop Tuesday From Survivor All Star, reds And blue The players are back on the battlefield.

Then, from a tough match, the winners emerged Famous For the red team, which led to fighters From the blue group they vote for another candidate from their group.

the players after him Matchstick were pushed to board from Island Where they had to vote on who would go on a taco.

the George Llanos Count the votes and announce how The fourth candidate is Carolina Jacqueline Kaleva.

Therefore, the nominees for the week to leave are Kostas Papadopoulosthe Spyros Marticusthe Eurydice flavani and the Carolina Jacqueline Califa.

the Eurydice flavani And Spyros Marticus It seems that Preferred Of which vote to stay on Survivor All Star. So the battle will be decided between Kostas Papadopoulos And Carolina Califa And according to the latest leaks, the player who will leave is Caroline.

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