February 6, 2023

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Survivor All Star’s big mistake is that he left Rose

Needless to say, Triantafyllos busted into Survivor All Star early on and had company. Needless to say, we will spend the next six months with the rose for our despotism.

its premiere Survivor All-Star She’s been waiting for Triantaphilus Hatzinikolaou, who invited Alexis Papa — it doesn’t matter that they fought like a dog and a cat in Survivor — to watch the first episode on SKAI together.

And if we had to say something to SKAI after the first day of Survivor All Star, it would go something like this:

We hope they reconsider!

We call on Acun Media to reconsider the deal with Triantafyllos and send it to the Caribbean quickly. Because it’s definitely easier for a TV audience to see him for three hours, four times a week, than to see Daffy comment 24 hours a day on Survivor All Star.

There are no Instagram comments nor a few interviews, as the singer confirms:

a) He is a Survivor All-Star.

b) He is 100% sure he won’t go to Saint-Domingue but at the same time he didn’t say he was 100% sure.

c) If it’s the same in the game, Survivor will get 60% viewership on its premiere, not just 38%.

d) How his fans asked Triantafyllos to absolutely get into the All Star and how boring the game would be without him.

Q) How will he go into this year better than ever, having trained and injury free in 2021.

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I watch TV, yes, but…

In terms of viewing numbers, 39.7% in the dynamic audience and 38.6% in total are satisfactory, but on this day Survivor All Star played with no competition and without imagination and MasterChef in front of it, we’re going to see something happen from next Monday (1/16/2023).

However, the right note for the start of Survivor All Star came from Andreas Mikroutsikos who commented on the fights and mock fights from the first episode of the survival reality show: