February 7, 2023

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Secret agreements for the Turkish producer have been leaked and Knives is expected to come out in St. Dominic. You can’t imagine who managed to get more than 5,000 euros.

his players survivor The All Stars are preparing to leave for Santo Domingo, but some have struck a secret deal with production to get in on the game.

his return survivor It is reality and it is the most expensive reality survival course. The production made it clear from the start that all players would receive the same amount of money for entering the game.

However, Stathis Schizas, w Katrina Dalaka And the Sakis Katsoulis They seem to have more demands and have demanded more money from the production. Therefore, it was said that they required a sum of money before entering the game in addition to 5,000 per week.

Finally, to be fair, Ajun first sets a condition that after a point she will give bonuses to all players if he decides to. Whereas, the request for a viewing requirement requested by some players’ lawyers was not granted.

…and Sophiana saw

However, the unfair move by Atjun Ilijali was exposed a few days before Sophiana Avramakiwhen I talked about the salaries of all-star players and what I learned from talking to prospective players.

«I have not been contacted about it survivor. I don’t think there is a player who left who didn’t think about it. I would like to go of coursehe admits Sofianna AvramakiRegarding the financial part, he replied:I’ve heard of players asking for and eventually agreeing to 5000 more money than we were getting. Objects will drop if different amounts are revealed over the course of the game“, a statement!

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survivor. I’d like to go, said Sofianna Avramaki. “itemprop=”description”/>

Lianos emphasized absolute reversal in survivor – A new big favorite to win! (video)

Fipster’s George Llanos guest in his “Brave or Truth” column revealed the “All-Star” players survivorAnd the surprises that we will see.

Giorgos Lianos in response to a question posed by Philippos Ioannou about whether there are any players who will go to the ‘All Star’ survivorBut it was not heard in any TV report that he said:

“Yes they are there and they are very good sometimes. I think this year we will have surprises from players we don’t expect, who have certainly produced tremendous preparations in the last couple of years. They’ve outgrown the favourites. I think we’ll have a lot of underdogs who will play a leading role and talk a lot why They never talk about it.”

Indeed, at this point, he meaningfully stated that he expected a lot from Stelios Hadampakis, while expressing his amazement at what he saw of Triantafyllos from the tests held in Athens among the players! Two names no one thought would stand out competitively yet are preparing for the big upset…

The presenter also diplomatically answered a question asked about his players survivor who would not like to see him again, said that Takis Karagonias and Triantaphilos are very nervous, and, in fact, he said, “they did not hold their tongues in the councils.”

See what he said after 24.40:

What Liano Reveals About Solidi-Soviana – ‘She Wanted to Cut Him Out of Production’ – What Happened in survivor!

Aris Solidis may not be on a soccer team, however… he is constantly jogging, as he prepares for his wedding with sweetheart Maria Antona, while reports indicate that there has also been discussion of survivor all Stars.

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After all, he was one of the champions last tournament, as he may not have won the award after viewers chose Stathis Schiza in the final, but athletically he was one of the best players in the history of the game.

However, Solides also occupied the television audience for other reasons, since while he was on the island he was involved in some fights, he was punished for some … infractions (he found a cell phone and called Greece), while there were also huge rumors about his relationship with Sophiana Avramaki. The two guys were hanging out in Santo Domingo and some of their On camera mates were hinting at their… eroticism in the air. They both categorically denied this fact, and now they don’t hang out together.

George Llanos, in a recent interview on the Fipster YouTube channel, referred to this specific event and revealed some new information. The presenter referred to the difficult situations he had experienced in the game and commented that last year, when the relevant rumors about Sofianna and Suilides were spread, the production’s decision was not to show something to the audience, as it would create a problem in the lives of the two children outside of the reality show.

“There was a rumor that something was going on. This would affect their lives abroad. There were players who announced it on camera, while we knew that Aris had taken Antona out and that they were fine and were going to get married. We don’t want to cause trouble, but when players come out And they say it and try to make a story, you’re forced to make some decisions. It’s a fine line”…

See what he said after 21the min, thin:

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To hell with his little boy survivor – The gymnast is back to… driving people crazy on the beach!

One of the girls who featured in survivor There was also Rodanthi Kaparou whom we met through her participation in the reality show Season 2 aired by SKAI TV station.

When the beautiful Rodanthe participated, she was on the blue team of fighters and although she was very weak, she stayed in the game for a long time.

For those who don’t know, Rodanthe is a rhythmic gymnastics coach and has excellent flexibility, while one could definitely describe her as “the rubber girl”.

He studied at the gymnastics academy and although he is in survivor Not only was she one of the fastest and strongest players, the crowd supported her a lot.

The pretty player has boyish innocence, but behind him hides a woman capable of seducing anyone.

In light of that survivor All Star, players’ medicals continue with Rodanthi Kaparou going through medicals.

Watch the video.

Survivor: Rodanthe Caparo passed the medical exams “itemprop =” name “/>
Survivor: The player’s medical “itemprop =” description “/> continues

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