February 7, 2023

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Nikos Mutsinas has revealed the gorgeous girlfriend the All-Star player left behind before he left for Santo Domingo. Do you want to see her on the island later?

Jamal Samra we met through her participation in survivorAnd Sofianna Avramakiamong others, about the publications she wanted with Konstantinos Vassalos and answered about her participation in the survivor all Stars.

“For not being in the team, they probably don’t see me as the star of everything. I didn’t accept an offer, but of course I wish I had. However, I did some goal practice etc. They might have brought in some people who I’m surprised at, but maybe they put them in.” In “Scanning,” he said at the beginning Sofianna Avramaki.

“Nothing applies to what was written about Konstantinos Vassalos. Every week they charge him again, and now I know what and which one. I didn’t even get 10 points because they wrote that I was with Konstantinos Vassalos. I said he was a very nice guy, but that doesn’t mean that I would go up because they wrote something like that.” Sofianna Avramaki.

Nikos Mutsinas, however, commenting on her interview and what she said about Vassalou, meaningfully commented: “They broke up! Did they write that they were playing something? That’s right, he was playing something. Not now. Maybe they’ll put it on later. They should let Vassalou go.” He finds out with Eurydice and then they put Sophiana in…”

Watch the video after 26 minutes:

“hair pulling” in survivor – Discoveries on Camera – Player had a lawyer watch the episodes!

His players have not yet arrived in Santo Domingo survivor All stars and problems began. The reality show premieres on Sunday, January 8, and already the first tensions between the contestants are coming true.

The players were divided into two groups of 13 players and the first episode was completed, “Our Breakfast” reports.

Indeed, with “Good Evening” tensions arose between the players. Specifically, they got into an argument but it is not known if the skirmish occurred between two men or two women or between a man and a woman.

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Immediately, the show committee made predictions about who might be involved in this altercation, but the reporter did not make any revelations about the matter.

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Lawyers get a job…because survivor

According to okmag.gr, Spyros Martikas is preparing to unveil on camera several of his teammates, with information he has gathered while abroad. These disclosures will be made whenever he deems them to serve his strategy.

Also, in the last few hours it has been leaked that a player has already authorized his lawyer to closely monitor what is written about him and file lawsuits every time something harmful to him is heard.

Mouth open survivor – This player got double cash – “fixed game”! (Video)

Elisabeth Eletsi spoke about her participation in survivor All stars in Mega Good Morning.

“I didn’t participate in it survivorI wasn’t supposed to go now. You will see me suddenly survivor. I have no problem with 5,000 euros a week. I heard that Stathis Schizas will make 10,000 euros a week. I’m laughing and dying because Alexis Pappas asked for a pay-per-view,” Elisabeth Eletsi said at first.

Tiantaphilus longed to go to him survivorHe works, he sweats. This is not possible for me survivor Without Angelopoulos. We talked and he told me he didn’t want to go in because it was 90% reality.”

“I’m tired of couples, they know the game, they’ll even direct it. Flavani and Vassalos are not a couple. Hardships bring you closer,” he said in conclusion.

Survivor All Star. “itemprop=”description”/>

Ajjun revelation first time to the biggest scandal in survivor – Hidden by SKY (VID)

his players survivor The All Star had the opportunity to speak closely with Atjun Ilijali, shortly before he left for Santo Domingo.

According to the “Super Katrina” show, Atzon came to Greece to perform Meeting With all the participants and people who produced it.

The main topic of discussion was mobile phones and especially the “British gamer” (James Cavetzis). “I will not accept To catch a player with a mobile phone The Turkish producer pointed them out.

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This was one of them The main rules Which is not noticed, so with him James Kvitsi It won’t be Ares Solides In the survivor All stars, because he was using a cell phone last year.

These incidents made Agun Ejali become more firm Regarding the specific regulation agreed with all players that anyone who is “caught” with a mobile phone will do Leaves.

Survivor: What will be the punishment if a player is found with a mobile device “itemprop=”name”/>

The alarm is on survivor – The first groups are already counting votes from Athena – Angry Atgone!

survivor Spoiler: The countdown to the players’ departure from Santo Domingo has begun…

How many of those who will participate in the premiere will be? survivor All-Stars, on January 8, 2023; According to our information, this year Ajun Ilijali chose to start his reality show with two teams of 13 players. This means that at least 30 players will leave with … Good morning Agios Dominicos, because in the first two weeks after each departure there will be one (at least) entry of a new player.

And this scenario will continue, which means that new players are constantly coming in until the end of February.

According to our sources, 2-3 A-listers likely won’t be featured in the premiere, because the agreements they have made may relate to their participation after the first two weeks of adaptation.

Given, Triantafyllos is one of them, and maybe Alexis Pappas as well.

First clicks to a file survivor all Stars

Half of the parents we know caught the virus from their children. In this case it also belongs to George Llanos, who was forced to change his ticket to Santo Domingo and fly later. He was even planning to travel to the village for a few days with the whole family, but in the end he had to stay in Athens.

However, according to okmag.gr Players who have already split into informal groups and are counting votes have been briefed before the game begins so that they are fully ready to fly as of Friday, December 30th.

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Scandal before it begins survivor – Huge Unfair Lagoon – Three players got the most money!

his players survivor The All Stars are preparing to leave for Santo Domingo, but some have struck a secret deal with production to get in on the game.

his return survivor It is reality and it is the most expensive reality survival course. The production made it clear from the start that all players would receive the same amount of money for entering the game.

However, Stathis Schizas, Katerina Dalaka and Sakis Katsoulis seemed to have more demands and demanded more money from the production. Therefore, it was said that they required a sum of money before entering the game in addition to 5,000 per week.

Finally, to be fair, Ajun first sets a condition that after a point she will give bonuses to all players if he decides to. Whereas, the request for a viewing requirement requested by some players’ lawyers was not granted.

…and Sophiana saw

However, the unfair move of Atjun Ilitzali was exposed a few days ago by Sofiana Avramaki, when she talked about the salaries of All Star players and what she learned from conversations with potential players.

«I have not been contacted about it survivor. I don’t think there is a player who left who didn’t think about it. I would like to go of coursehe admits Sofianna AvramakiRegarding the financial part, he replied:I’ve heard of players asking for and eventually agreeing to 5000 more money than we were getting. Objects will drop if different amounts are revealed over the course of the game“, reveal!

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