May 30, 2023

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Survivor News 9/5: Locked! They are in Miami – is the last point – is preferred to leave!


Locked and Definitive Spoiler Which team goes to Miami, who gets the last point and who is the favorite to leave. All the answers are inside!

Survivor News 9/5: Destruction reigns Survivor All-Star And a new big quarrel began.

Spyros replaced Martikas with Nikos Partzis And the tension that has arisen in the blue team is great.

From what it seems, this affects the competitive part as well, since they build a negative line while the exit state is blue. By the way These are the four candidates to leave. Sportime allows you to vote on MEGA QUESTION ON WHO WANT TO LEAVE.

However, the week’s immunities are over and we’re going to get a big prize on Tuesday’s episode (9/5).

Who will travel to the United States? Struggling Blues or will the Red Devils embark on another big tour? Of course I have the answer for you!

Survivor News 9/5: Locked! They are in Miami – is the last point – is preferred to leave!

As I told you above, Grand Winner Spoiler is now closed. The Red Team has another win and is preparing for a great ride.

Of course, I even gave you The score they will win. The first victory will be comfortable, for the second we will need to get to the flag race.

Milena And Sakis of the Red Team, while they will represent the Blues Marius And Stavrola. the Sakis You will shoot at the final target, defeat it Stavrola He will win big for his team.

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Finally, I won’t leave you without a spoiler for the player who’d rather leave. Watch this here.

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Our votes

In the sporttime We vote here with a negative vote. In other words, we have the power to vote on which player we want to leave.

In the Media We have the ability to vote as in the normal game. You can vote here Which player do you want to stay in survivor.