December 5, 2023

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Survivor spoiler: “Bombshell” from Stathis Schiza – did he ask to quit the game?

Survivor spoiler: “Bombshell” from Stathis Schiza – did he ask to quit the game?

What happened;

Viewers eagerly watch episodes of Survivor, with tensions, intrigue, and battles taking center stage.

Tonight (3/4), the two teams will compete head to head for the food prize. Who will win and fill her stomach?

According to spoilers, the winners of the match and the food prize are the fighters.

At the same time, Kristina Kevala, Yuridiki Papadopoulou, Eleni Habiri and Panagiotis Konstantinidis are all set to leave and everyone is wondering who will say “goodbye”.

But the “bomb” will be dropped by another player, who will announce that he is leaving voluntarily.

She is one of the favorites, is among the top five with the best performances in the competitions and last year she was declared the winner.

Stathis schiza reason. The information says that the Reds player will express his desire to return to Greece, and developments in the upcoming episodes will be rapid.

However, it is noted that he hasn’t been shown to get into any trouble at the beach, nor has he resented anything, though he does grow apart from his teammates.

In the final episode, he gets into a fight with Stelios Hadampakis, revealing that before he entered Survivor All Star, everyone told him to be careful and that now he’s starting to realize that all this time he’s been wearing a good kid mask trying to pass a different image on to the world.

Tonight’s episode trailer

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