March 23, 2023

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Survivor: The fighters in Liano’s story collapsed – everyone was crying

“Guys, a huge apology from me,” the Survivor All Star host asked.

They suffered another heavy defeat at survivor Wednesday’s All-Star Fighters, since famously once again had 10 wins when they only had two. So, immediately after the competition for the Communication Prize ended, the feelings of the blues were intense and … sharpened by the story that Giorgos Lianos shared.

In particular, the presenter of the SKAI survival program noted, “I want to tell you a personal story. From a lady, a relative of mine, she is about 70 years old. This lady has had a pressure problem recently. I went to the doctor and they tried through The conversation understood what was going on because everything was normal in the tests. The story that followed is real. I’m not talking about trolls or anything. This lady is 78 years old specifically. He told her what are your habits? What changes your psychology a bit and makes you sad Her response was about you.

Her response was that ‘every night I feel bad because those Blue Team kids haven’t eaten in a long time. I suggest you don’t watch Survivor, it’s that simple,’ the doctor told her, adding George Lianos, with all the Blue Team players bursting into tears and yelling grief. In terms of communication, not to mention this story you told us. I was holding on because I’m trying not to bend over yet but I can’t. You make pics and I think I’m a week away from a pic or letter. I can’t control this with anything and I have a big problem with communication, “emphasized Ilias Bogdanos, among others.

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“Guys, a huge apology from me. I may have saddened you, but I think I may have rung a bell on the blue team,” Survivor All Star host George Llanos said.