February 6, 2023

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Szini bet Messi on a penalty kick and now refuses to give him 100 euros

The Juventus goalkeeper made history in Poland and Argentina, even if it cost him 100 euros after a losing bet with the Paris star. “Please don’t give it to him, he has plenty.”

Missed penalty kick Poland and Argentina Maybe it was the only drawback In another prolific performance by Lionel Messi.

The Argentine star, of course, is Angry at the chance he missed to score another goal in this year’s World Cuphe also has one consolation, … 100 euros which he won after he made a bet with Cezny.

The disclosure of the bet between the players came through the mouth of the Polish goalkeeper, who spoke after the match. Next big challenge for his national team And in front of the company of Mbappe, he admitted the romance he had with AS Paris before he hit a free kick from 11 meters and was defeated by the Juventus goalkeeper in the end.

We spoke before the penalty and I told him to bet 100 euros that the referee wouldn’t give itSzny told TV2, relaying the dialogue that took place between the opposing football players while the video assistant referee reviewed the stage.

I don’t know if this is allowed in the World Cup. Maybe I will be punished for what I say. But at the moment I don’t care. Besides, I wouldn’t give them to him. He wouldn’t care about 100 euros, that’s all he had“.

In the end, the penalty was awarded, Sz├ęzny saved and won on the field, Messi fouled and won on … money.

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It should be noted that It was the second penalty kick saved by Cizny in this year’s tournamentwhich he has to do as a goalkeeper since 2022. The last goalkeeper to save two penalties in the World Cup was the American Brad Friedel in 2002. He became the third goalkeeper to do so, as the first goalkeeper was also the Polish Jan Tomaszewski in 1974 .

Regarding his own personal record, the Polish goalkeeper said: “MotherLucky twice in the tournament It’s a big moment in a player’s career. This kind of thing needs workBut to save a penalty for Messi, you also need a little luck. He may not have been lucky in the bet, but in four lines, he managed to make history.

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