February 6, 2023

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Taksim strike may be a provocation, according to the Turkish MP

with its origin Fatal attack in Istanbul, in which six people died, has not yet been clarified, and the opinion was heard that Tayyip Erdogan’s circles are behind it “betting” on timid actions. In fact, the event is compared to that of 2016 when the Ankara regime invoked the failed coup to deal with the “Gulenists”.

The recently released statement came from the Armenian-Turkish MP Garo Paylan, who has been targeted in the past as “traitor” for his anti-government stance.

According to Turkish media, the deputy of the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party revealed – addressing Defense Minister Hulusi Akar – that based on what the woman who was arrested and accused of the bombing in Istanbul is witnessing, not only has nothing to do with the PKK, but He even has relations with the fighting side against them.

He himself said, in conveying what the offender witnessed to the police:My three brothers died fighting in the ranks of the Free Syrian Army.which consisted of Syrian anti-government fighters, jihadists from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Uyghurs and other jihadists, and various other mercenary elements who had trained and met with MIT officials in Turkey.

Bilan continued his statements and accused Akar that he did not see Gulen’s followers who – according to him – were preparing for the failed coup in 2016, he did not see the forces that might prepare new movements inside Turkey. “The terrorist incident in Taksim may be part of a new revolutionary dynamiche said characteristically.

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He also hinted that since the perpetrator entered Turkey from Idlib, which is controlled by the Free Syrian Army, someone inside Turkey has protected her. “We are against war. We support solving problems through negotiations. There is a Kurdish problem in the country, and there is a democratic problem. But you still act like a soldier, not a politicianHe said to Akkar.

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