February 7, 2023

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Tamta: The new photo you posted is shocking…”scary and disgusting… disgusting”

Her recent photo shoot caused a stir Tamta.

eccentric Singerwho has a special style and is a fashion icon in the field of Greek modeling – and not only – she used to do different looks and take pictures.

A dress or a work of art? – Chaos as a lure appears when lighting the Christmas tree in Syntagma

This time she is depicted as an alien carrying an alien fetus. Black paint and contact lenses, as well as Tamta’s huge toenails at the photo shoot, created an effect … strange.

The photo shoot divided social media users. Celebrities and friends commented that he was an “idol”, while other users found the photos “disgusting” and “puke”.

Watch Tamta’s photoshoot, which sparked a firestorm of reactions:

Read some user comments:

  • Come to disgust! I love you so much you dummy but this is ugly let’s just sort it all out
  • Imagine seeing it in your sleep!
  • Lady Gaga from Lidl
  • I already ran away.
  • Hi Tamta, this is all scary and gross.
  • Sorry, but you are out of line. No, it’s not art, it’s an abomination I don’t want to know what it stands for!
  • At the very least, it’s tiring to call any art *nonsense*…. Let’s take a look at it…
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