May 30, 2023

Valley Post

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Tax refunds, account closures… The scammers strike again!

We do not follow links from suspicious contacts. Prefer to open Emails from your computer and not from cell phones…

On the occasion of the start of filing tax returns, as well as an ENFIA account, the “cyber fraudsters” have found a “field of glory” and in the past few days shipments have begun by the thousands to “potential victims”. “.

There are many scenarios, but the last one that occupied our region, because we have received them all and reported them to dozens of our readers, is with Tax return!

«Due to a lack of information on your account, your new tax refund has been placed on hold. Please click the link below to verify your information so we can begin processing your return. This allows us to confirm that the correct account receives the refund».

The “key” is to click on the link and then enter sensitive personal information such as user name And password From one of your bank accounts (phishing).

With a little bit of attention, you can see that the shipping address has nothing to do with, but neither does the environment of the form you were directed to have anything to do with your bank’s email address.

The second most popular script is “card lock” or the “account lock”. Scammers send messages everywhere for this purpose, and many potential “victims” are surprised to find that their account has been locked at a bank where they do not have an account!

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Finally, attempted fraud never stops with a package waiting and you have to confirm the shipping address. And here on a simple note, you can see that the sender has nothing to do with Greece and with the Post in particular.

We would like to make the simple observation that on mobile phones, the sender’s email address is often not clearly visible, and for space reasons only the distinguished name is given, which the fraudster can easily change. . What the scammer can’t change or do better at is having the exact AADE, bank or courier email address they’re pretending to be.

So be careful and never follow links from suspicious addresses. If possible such messages Manage it from a computerwhere full details of the sender are displayed where you can tag a file blatant fraud.

In conclusion, we will note another complaint that we received in our electronic newspaper and that is concerned Suspicious email from a foreign sender It wasn’t pretending to be someone you knew, but inviting you to download file (usually in zip format to contain the proprietary installation file). in no situation We do not download a file even from well-known addresses if we have not been informed in advance that they will send us something. It happened through the interception of e-mail addresses from social networking pages that files with viruses were sent that infect computers with unexpected and unpleasant results …