April 1, 2023

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Tempe, the MARC survey and the ‘everyone’s fault’ reference question

Nine days after the tragedy in Tempe, days of farewell for relatives of the dead who went missing in the most brutal way, polling agency MARC decided to go ahead with publishing its survey, prompting angry reactions.

The company’s preference is to hold a poll for registration four days after the tragedy, specifically March 4-7. Her way, the impact of a terrible accident.

When the poll was published in ANT1’s flagship bulletin, it was serious He reacted to the air The presenter of the report, Nikos Hatsinikova, pointed out that the poll comes at a time when funerals for victims of the tragedy are still taking place. As he said, he took his disagreement to the station’s news department. “Before we go to the vote, I would like to express my objection,” said Nikos Hatzinikolaou: “While the funerals are taking place, a poll is being published as we sit with emotion.”

to Prime Minister’s effort Damage control For his part, SYRIZA’s strategic communications manager, Nasos Iliopoulos, commented on the release of the poll through a post on his personal Twitter account.

“The well-known polling company with virtual earthwork invoices, even before families say goodbye to their loved ones, Rushing into damage control for Mitsotakis. Shame and shame…“Write.

A wrong question

However, the release of the poll was not the only event that created a sensation at this particular time. It was also angry One of the questions The pollster picked on the tragedy in Tempe and the blame game.

It’s about the question “What caused the train wreck?” The polling agency offers respondents only two, fully enabled alternatives, Without the slightest doubt in reference to government persons and responsibilities. The options were between “human error-station master”. and, secondly “and other responsibilities to be sought”.

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For the polling station, both the Responsibilities of responsible minister Kostas KaramanlisThat The Prime Minister of the country where the train collided head-on As a result, 57 of the passengers died and many were hospitalized, including those of previous governments, Hellenic Rail, Trainos.

In other words, citizens are invited to respond to a A general and vague question that leaves no room for choice Pollsters are required to respond to anything beyond what is relevant to the government narrative.

At the same time, a few photographs of people chanting slogans demanding justice for Thembi give very little indication of the responsibilities of the aforementioned. So the station master is to blame, or “someone”.

As far as the survey results are concerned, this is being recorded for the first time Narrowing the gap between ND and SYRIZA to 4.5%. N.D. for the purpose of voting. 29.6% from 32.5%, SYRIZA – PS 25%, compared to 25.1% in the previous measurement.

28.1% prefer an autonomous ND government, 23.2% a coalition government with SYRIZA, 15.8% a government cooperating with the ND center, and 14.3% an autonomous SYRIZA government.

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