December 5, 2023

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Tempe train crash kills 44 – some missing and never found

Tempe train crash kills 44 – some missing and never found

The death toll is on the rise Train collided at Tempe. The died Size 44In which the 7 The bodies are charred. Also, in his mortuary Larisa have been replaced and 17 bags with human organs.

According to reports, 12 bodies could be identified, but the remaining 32 would require DNA identification. Civil defense sources say 2-3 more bodies are likely to be found, although some may never be found due to decomposition.

The death toll is estimated to reach 55, while the causes of death are mainly burns, amputations, severe head injuries and internal bleeding. However, the cause of death of the cafeteria car occupants has not been determined, according to the medical examiner in Larissa.

The cafeteria car had 2 employees and an unknown number of passengers, including a 23-year-old firefighter and his partner, who have not been identified.

DNA results are awaited

Meanwhile, the first results of DNA samples provided by relatives to identify the bodies of the dead are expected on Thursday (2/3). The search for the rescued will continue in the third carriage, while the recovered bodies and human parts are recovered from the first two carriages.

Pictures in hospitals sad, relatives wait endless hours for an answer. Parents searching for their children among the dead. Doctors said it would take time to identify the dead as the situation was very difficult and the bodies were in bad condition, some were charred and some were mutilated.

In many cases, in fact, doctors asked relatives about the tattoos and clothes they wore among their bodies. So far, 17 DNA samples have been taken from the corpses and 23 samples from relatives.

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