December 5, 2023

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Tempi: “Commonly released audio has normal ‘cutting'”

Tempi: “Commonly released audio has normal ‘cutting'”

Hellenic Rail’s drivers’ chief complains about editing of audio documents

We have a barrage of developments in the tragic accident case TempehIt claimed the lives of at least 57 of our fellow human beings.

At a time when investigations by competent authorities continue at a leisurely pace, questions surround By the driver’s action There is a station master of passenger train and Larissa station.

Hellenic Rail’s head of drivers, Kostas Genidonias, spoke to Mega about audio documents that came to light regarding conversations between two employees.

“It has been heard that since last night our blessed colleague has been trying to contact the big train drivers in the area by telephone. “If this is true, it means that after he left Larissa, he made another attempt to contact the station master,” Mr. Genidonias said at the beginning.

“It’s become a common ‘cutting edge’ in audio.”

He then insisted that the audios made public had been edited. “We do regular ‘cutting’ on audios that are usually released. He pointed out that only OSE has these sounds when the GSMR or train leaves Larisa, which makes communication between station masters.

Mr. Asked why he says a significant portion of the audio was “cut,” Genidonias replied, “To blame people, ‘you’ve only got yourself to blame.'”

“Could there be a conversation between the station master and the train driver under preliminary investigation on YouTube, 8 to 10 hours after the unfortunate accident?” Characteristically Mr. Genidonias said.

Meanwhile, he asserted that the train drivers had informed about the shortage in the railways and “We have sent court orders and mobilized. In the past no one has seen us or asked to see us.” Mentioned.

“What we train drivers are saying is that we have to wait to hear all the audio. How is it that the conversation on the closed VHF (wireless) that people can’t hear is leaked and disconnected?” Mr. Genidonias added.

He said yesterday that the Railway Drivers Association had demanded that the communications be recorded on the machines as well.

“We don’t trust OSE”

Mr. said that audio recordings are recorded only by OSE. Zenidonias said, he says they do not believe.

“Why are we seeing a video circulating? Because there is obviously no confidence in what was recorded. We are not confident because we are listening to broken audio 10 hours after the accident,” he explained.

“We realized the quality of the line was not what it should have been.”

Speaking on the “Society Hour Mega” program, train driver and member of the board of directors of the Railway Federation, Alexandros Ierdanidis, complained that “the system is strangling without filling organic positions and without recruiting staff”. .

“Retired people should not occupy these posts, but young people, who will get proper training and enter the working life. We strongly oppose the re-employment of retired people,” he asserted.

He then said that he did not get a chance to work with the 59-year-old station master, but he knew that people with no experience were hired.

He also revealed that they know the quality of the line is not up to par.

Asked if there was competition between the companies, he replied:

“I don’t know what it would have been like. I see what I am facing in my daily life as a worker. Since 2018 when I was hired, there are no such systems. We communicate with each other wirelessly but it is difficult when in the mountains.

“Many times I have called my colleague on the business train to check on my health,” said Mr. Aordanitis concluded.

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