March 23, 2023

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Tension during Zoi Konstantopoulou’s testimony

On a high note, with rebuttals, withdrawals of lawyers and confessions, the trial of former Speaker of Parliament Joey Constantopoulou continued for the third session. Sadness in Mati.

The witness, who was called after the case he filed days after the fire, drew strong reactions during cross-examination from defense lawyers, some of whom left the room and others announced that his examination was over. Zois Konstantopoulou They will demand that the court ignore her testimony. The reactions of the guards were mirrored by the residents of Matti, who were watching the crowd, who called Ms. They shouted that they wanted to hear Constantopoulou’s testimony.

Mrs. According to Constantopoulos, in the case of tragedy “Even today the background outrages and motives are intense and involve former and current high-profile figures». The witness, referring to the “concealment” of responsibilities, complained that the defendant’s partner in the trial, the former regional governor of Attica, Renas Tourou, approached the victims of the deadly fire as a representative of the region on one side. Investigation.

Mrs. Constantopoulou made a special mention of then Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.Played poorly on corpses“, as the witness said:

«The fire at Kineta was considered a major problem since noon that day. 4 When a fire breaks out in Attica, no one leaves the fire. The Prime Minister goes to receive an award with SAVE amid the progress of the Kineta fire. All should be “armed with spears” in case of fire in Barnita. Mr. Tsipras, according to the publications, was looking at a map of Attica on his cell phone around 8:00 p.m. has been changed. He is in Bosnia, then returns to the scorched earth, and his first statement is “I have hastily cut short my journey”. It is your duty to investigate this case to the bone when you are dancing on the corpse of such badly performing theater people… no resignation, no one has the heart to say “I am responsible”. Shocking. There is no one to say, “I am going,” because the lost cannot be restored».

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At another point in her cross-examination, Ms. Constantopoulou said. They are trying to avoid mentioning the cover-up aspect of the case: «Even after the tragedy, those who had to undertake recovery and responsibilities were busy protecting themselves by sacrificing various things to fulfill this plan. To this day, the background to the case is infuriating and the motives are serious and worry former and current high-profile figures. Stephanos Kolokouris became the head and was responsible for the fires in Evia, (he retired in January 2022) and the accused Christos Lambris is today the chief of the fire department. Some of the people who came here were accused, moving up the ranks, and you think people don’t realize there’s still raging behind the scenes?said the witness.

The witness hearing will continue on February 8.

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