April 1, 2023

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Terror in the air: Lufthansa plane crashes in high turbulence – seven injured

A Lufthansa plane that took off from Austin, Texas bound for Frankfurt, crashed in severe turbulence, frightening passengers and injuring seven people.

About 90 minutes after takeoff, Lufthansa Airbus Flight 330 469 started shaking in the air while flying at an altitude of about 37,000 feet and the passengers started to panic.

A Twitter user posted this photo from inside a Lufthansa plane after the severe turbulence / Photo: Twitter / @ModerMuna

According to the Washington Post, a passenger on the Lufthansa flight said the plane “dubbed” while the flight attendants were having dinner.

“These were called ‘clear weather disturbances’, which can occur without visible weather phenomena and advance warning. Flight attendants who are trained for these situations give first aid to injured passengers on board,” a Lufthansa spokesperson told RTL.

After venturing into the air, the plane’s pilots took action by deciding to make an emergency landing in Washington. The plane landed safely at 21:12 local time.

“Since the safety and well-being of passengers and crew is the number one priority at all times, the pilots in the cockpit decided to perform an alternative emergency landing in Washington, D.C. (IAD) after the aircraft had flown through turbulence,” the Lufthansa spokesperson continued. Seven injured were taken to hospitals.

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