December 6, 2023

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Thanasis Alvers: “I know Father Antonio very personally”

Thanasis Alvers: “I know Father Antonio very personally”

“It’s a time when we, with ease from news or fake news, are ready to eat each other’s flesh,” explains Thanassis Alivers.

An extensive interview was conducted by Thanasis Liveras To Katerina Kayinurgio on the occasion of the launch of the new musical show. The famous actor referred to, among other things, the complaints that arose through the metoo movement as well as the wave of complaints that started around the Ark of the World.

More specifically, Thanassis Aliversas admitted that “whatever happened with metoo was just for good. I don’t know if the stage was cleaned up because people will always have their flaws, but I do know that such behaviors are discouraged and you make the other person think a lot if they His penchant for tyranny or extortion. In other words, you have made us all more careful.”

“Sure and I supported the ark of the world. It is a time when it is very easy to get fake news or news, because we are very angry people, we are willing to eat each other’s flesh. Let’s investigate all this in depth and find out the truth.”

“I know Father Antonio very personally and have seen him with the children. No… it’s a shock. If these things are true, I don’t know what to say,” Thanassis Alvers added to Super Catrina Alpha.

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