May 31, 2023

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Thanasis Soros: PASOK bids sad farewell to founding member – Newsbomb – News

PASOK – KINAL bids farewell to Thanasis Sora with deep sadness and respect

Condolences to him Death of Thanasis Sora Reveals PASOK to his family. “It is with deep sadness and respect that we say goodbye to Thanasis Sora, a founding member of PAK and PASOK,” he asserts in his announcement and notes:

«He was at the forefront of democratic struggles against military rule and his political path was characterized by ethics, hard work and selflessness. One of the protagonists of the Polytechnic rebellion, he was arrested and tortured by the army.

In 1981, as the youngest secretary-general in the history of the Ministry of the Interior, he left a big mark by promoting legislative initiatives to allow civil war political refugees to return to Greece, together with then-minister Giorgos Gennimatas.

He has displayed unparalleled political ethics and served the public interest from various ministerial posts and served as Member of Parliament from 1989 to 2012.».

Who is Thanasis Zoras?

Thanasis Tsouras was born in 1946 in Athens. He graduated from the Medical School of the University of Athens. During his studies he was a member of the Executive Committee of the Medical Students’ Association. During the dictatorship (1967-74) he was in charge of the PAK Interior Youth and a member of anti-democratic groups. For a long time he operated illegally and, together with the Siphis Valirakis group, had a prolific resistance movement. He played a leading role in the Polytechnic uprising (November 1973), after its suppression he was arrested and tortured by ETA-ESA.

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After politics, he was an associate founding member of PA.SO.K. and was first in charge of the movement’s youth (1974-75), from January 1979 to October 1981 he was director of the office of Athens Mayor Dimitris Bei.

In October 1981, with the assumption of power by Andreas Papandreou, he was appointed Secretary General of the Ministry of the Interior at the age of 35, and was the youngest Secretary General in the ministry’s history. Together with Interior Minister Giorgos Gennimata, he promoted laws allowing civil war political refugees to return to Greece. He held this post till June 1985.

In the second government of Andreas Papandreou, Menios served as Deputy Minister of the Interior with responsibility for Public Order and Security Forces from June 1985 to April 1986 after the Ministries of Interior and Public Order were merged under Koutsoiorgas.

From April 1986 to February 1987 he was Deputy Minister of the Interior and from February 1987 to May 1989 a special adviser in the Politburo of Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou.

In June 1989, he contested and was elected for the first time as a PASOK Member of Parliament in Athens A, a position he continued until 2012.

When PASOK returned to power in 1993, he served as Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications (October 1993 – September 1994) and Minister of Transport and Communications (September 1994 – September 1995).