December 4, 2022

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Thanksgiving Night | Blog – Nikos Papadogiannis

Nikos Papadogiannis reminds those in a hurry that the climate in the Euroleague can change within a few minutes of the hour.

Tomorrow this year Panathinaiko Still cloudy and uncertain, but tonight’s victory is upon her Advantages It was a postcard from yesteryear: from the time when the home team offered something extra to break ties, while the players-characters corrected themselves in the face of defeat and kicked it out of the dressing room.

Panathinaikos who defeated Virtus wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t even very good. At intervals, indeed, in the first half, his image brought despair. But he had the attackers, the grit, the big shots, and the special heft, against an opponent made of gold. the most Belinelliwho watched the entire match from her seat at once Kinderhe will get 30 minutes of participation and twenty shots if he wears the Panathinaikos green.

“Our opponent was also lucky,” he declared at the end. Sergio ScarilloAnd the which seemed elusive to the Spanish collaborators It was white-faced at Eurobasket. And he meant… the penalty kick that the French midfielder missed in front of an empty net Zaitat the stage that could give the victory to Virtus (at 74-76, with a run of 00.30).

Yes, sir, but his luck is born from the one who refuses to give up and transfers this aura to the opponent as well. Whatever difficulties Panathinaikos faced in the final stage of the match, it made an impression Easy, hard or very hard will find the edge. Your virtus, again, smells musty.

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He scored the winning three-pointer in overtime Derek Williams (86-85 in 16 seconds), but almost all of his teammates had a hand in the stage: the Dwayne Bacon Who gathered the whole defense around him trying to win shots, or George Papgiannis Whoever rushed first scored the stray ball oh Paris me Who had a clear mind to pass his oath while his horizon was half open.

Immediately after that, the “greens” defended themselves like hungry dogs against Teodosic And they wouldn’t let him get the winning shot, not even from 15 yards out. As for the “I want” players of Panathinaikos in the final match, they filled the field and cut off the cough of the Italians, who lost the victory, although they embraced it twice: 74-76 in normal time with his three-pointer. Teodosic, 80-83 and 83-85 in overtime with Hackett And the Lundberg.

At the stage that will be discussed because of nausea in the cradle of arbitration lust, the Dane Virtus made an offensive foul –Expensive to me williams. Correct whistle, although you don’t often hear it on stadiums. Especially by the rulers accused of being swamps in order to get rid of Panathinaikos and Olympiacos, whichever suits the wrath of the fanatics.

The “greens” entered the field as if they were influenced by Istanbul resiliki and justified the theory That you want them to have survival instinct as a primary resource. The sheer amount of attacks in the last 4-5 seconds had me looking for access to match analytics, but there was one thing that kept me on my toes: just 7 negative fouls in 45 minutes of close combat. Shots were executed to the max, but at least the ball stayed out of the opposition’s clutches.

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Panathinaikos gave the impression that he was looking for a form, and position, rather, ideal to launch his counterattack. The opportunity he was looking for, he found when S scriolo Throw it in the game Teodosic To give breaths to the main player Ife Lundberg.

Old friend Milos was accurate with the shots the defense gave him, however Dejan Radonic Both of Panathinaikos’ goalkeepers tagged him mercilessly and took advantage of the 7-8 minutes he was on the floor. He was overwhelmed by theft Nate Walters At the feet of the Serbs The entire battle was intense in a matter of seconds.

the ball bacon He went to the counter and left a vital space for Derek Williams And 38-45 became 62-55 at halftime, despite only three “greens” scoring in the third period: Lee, Walters, Williams. The pace became less hypnotic, the Italians lost their confidence, the podium entered the equation, and Judites Chamomile offered, the wind changed direction.

Panathinaikos Americans finished work and will spend tomorrow smiling On Thanksgiving with moms and husbandsthanking the basketball gods for the missed layup Zait “his bomb”. williamshas three indirect indicators baconhis strength Lundberg.

With two victories in the week of the devil on it Advantages Tonight and on Fellerbahn manufacturing, Panathinaikos will be removed from the lower deck of the ranking We will proceed with optimism in the “Red and Green” derby, which is approaching at full speed. climate in euroleagueit can change from low to moderate barometric in just a few days.

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