December 7, 2022

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THE AUDIO: BACK, “TIN” and the Georgian woman who… drove the judges crazy

The blind tests From “The voice of GreeceSunday, November 20, continued with sounds that left the coaches speechless.

Konstantinos Argyros, Panos Mouzourakis, Elena Paparizou, and Sakis Rouvas were determined to stop anyone who stood in their way of getting the best sound.

Konstantinos and Panos claimed Dionysia Stopo who sang “San Triantafilo”, with Argyros claiming from the contestant even … her VAT number.

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Finally, Dionysia chose to go to Muzurqi’s team.

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Philippos Macheras climbed up to perform “Xenos gia senane ki eshosmos”, Panos, Saki and Konstantinos turn their chairs and Argyros recalled that he was in his group last year, but the Corona virus did not allow him to continue

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The winner of the jury in Filippo’s claim was again Argyros.

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However, the contestant who seemed to be driving the trainers crazy was Dudova from Georgia who delivered “I Got You (I Feel Good)”

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From the 8th blind audition of “The Voice of Greece” Irene Dimarcho, Dionysia Stubo, Amalia Tsika, Christophoros Christofi, Philippos Macheras, Christos Bordoshilas, Eva Garivalopoulou, Dodona, Sandy Calpaco, Katia Samantzi and Dora Arvaniti qualified.

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Blind auditions for “Voice of Greece” continue sky Every Sunday at 21:00.

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