December 7, 2022

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The city car with enormous independence and its price is 11,000 euros

An all-electric city car has been revealed with great autonomy and a particularly attractive price SheryIt shows the way to its European competitors.

A different and very accessible aspect of electric vehicles was highlighted by the Chinese Chery, Giving … a good example for European manufacturersWho are still searching for a solution to the puzzle of transition to the age of electricity.

This is the QQ Wujie Pro that though It is 3.4 meters longits technological background can be compared well with Heavy electrical papers for European car manufacturers.

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to tell the truth QQ Wujie Pro is offered with four seats with a 12.9-inch touch screenwhich is a display of a powerful infotainment system.

Body-mounted cameras create a 360-degree image of the car and the surrounding area, electric seats enhance driver and front passenger comfort while wireless charging and extensive connectivity via WiFi or Bluetooth make it easier and safer to use smartphones in the car.

However, QQ Wujie Pro’s greatest asset is hidden behind the metallic surfaces of its body and is none other than Lithium ion batterieswhich according to the Chinese auto industry guarantee Range 408 km.

Cherry Wooji Pro

The electric motor lives up to the occasion, with a performance of 95 horsepower, allowing the Chinese city car to It accelerates from 0 to 50 km/h in 4.8 seconds And travel at a top speed of 125 km / h.

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However, for those who are not looking for city car performance, there is also one 75 hp versionhowever, without announcing more information on the matter.

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We left the best for last and only the price of the car, Starting at 11,000 euros By themselves, they are sufficient to create the conditions for commercial success.

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