February 8, 2023

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The creator of Verts’ “If I Were a Star” has passed away

the George Tsopanis He passed away, plunging the artistic world into grief.

The well-known lyricist was also a close associate of his Nikos Vertis. He was actually the one who was hiding behind his great success, «If you are a star».

He has many great hits to his credit, such as “Don’t Be Late” or “Lie” in collaboration with Nikos Vertis, but also with other famous artists, such as “I Loved You So Much” by Vasilis Karas, “I’m for You” and “This Love” by Hollidis et al. .

Nikos Vertis made sure to say goodbye on social media with a touching post. In particular, the singer posted a photo of the two of them together on his personal Instagram account and wrote in the caption:

“George, my darling, sweet and sensitive person, have a nice voyage… With George, we wrote very beautiful songs that were so loved! But he wrote me with my very favorite Kyriakos If You’re a Star! From today I add another star to the sky.”

Check out his post:

Olga Vlachopolou said goodbye to the songwriter through her Facebook account. She accompanied her post with the song “How Much I Love You” by Nikos Vertis and wrote: “George, can you hear me? You can’t listen to me. For 12 years you’ve been listening to me every single day. From the first minute to the last. Oh my God, so much love, so much sharing. It’s the first time I’ve ever been mad at you.. Forgive me for that, George?” I will never forget anything. I promise. I will never let you get away from me… I can still hear you laughing at that phone call.. You know.. Basically you just know.. I love you.”

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