May 31, 2023

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The facts about Impilas and the sides in the Guillerm and Milivojevic cases

Ian Impilas’ case is one of two highlights in Olympiacos’ current roster, with the ‘Red and White’ making a defining showing for him. What are the facts about Guillerme and Milivojevic?

Two of the cases currently pending in Olympiacos, in terms of renewing the player’s contract, are those of Cedric Bakabou and Yann Imbela.

The White and Red made a specific offer for the Congolese striker, which, as we mentioned, relates to a new two-year contract with a total salary of 2.5 million euros, and is awaiting his response.

The Bakaboo actor has taken hits from teams from Spain, France, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and is quickly cleaning up the scene. The two sides want to continue their cooperation, and Olympiacos is also pleased with the African football player, as well as the latter with the Piraeus team and the situation in Greece, so there will be developments soon.

Proposal of a two-year contract for Embilas

With regard to Embilas, according to the information, the red and white made an offer to the player to renew his contract for another two years. The experienced French centre-half took his time to respond, meanwhile his manager is said to be in contact with teams from Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

According to the same information, the Arabs are offering good money to Impilas and it is up to him if he wants to stay in Europe or take the next step in search of a better contract, as he will be 33 years old a month.

If the Frenchman does not continue at Olympiacos, along with Samassikou’s return to Hoffenheim as his loan expires, the Piraeus side will need to sign two potential key midfielders in the summer transfer window. Or even one, if Maddie Camara returns from Rome to stay. Who will be the new midfielder will be decided jointly by Cordon, the new coach and the management of Piraeus BAA.

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Screenplays by Guillerm and Milivojevic

In the past twenty-four hours, scenarios have been developed related to the former red and white players Guillermo and Milivojevic, who were released by Al Sadd and Crystal Palace. As in similar cases, the coin has two sides. Some are positive about such a perspective, others still believe that Olympiacos should go for something new.

Guillermo, 32, played two seasons in the red and white jersey successfully (79 matches, 11 goals, 4 assists) and was sold to Al Sadd for €6,000,000 at the end of August 2020. There, the Brazilian midfielder played for three seasons (91 matches, six goals and six assists) and is now looking for the next phase of his career as he does individual coaching during this time in his home country. Guillerme is said to have taken hits from teams in Spain and Brazil.

Milivojevic, 32, played 2.5 seasons at Olympiacos (94 matches, 15 goals, seven assists) and was loaned to Crystal Palace for €15,000,000 in January 2017. The Serbian midfielder played 6.5 seasons at the English club, where he became captain ( 198 games). appearances, 29 goals, 6 assists) and is now preparing for the next step. According to reports in his home country, Milivojevic is targeted by Red Star, who will be involved in the Champions League groups.

Based on the data so far, everything indicates that Cordon and the new boss are going down a different path in terms of signings as they look to drop the average age in the roster. Of course, in football, you never say no, as there is no shortage of upsets in the transfer window.

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