June 1, 2023

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The Fiat 500 has become a tricycle and is being driven by 16-year-olds

Have we gone completely crazy? no. German company specializing in the transfer of contracts Fiat 500 on a tricycle, called Ellenators, that even minors could own.

in this particular 500 see youj, the two rear wheels were moved toward the center of the vehicle, while horsepower decreased to 20 horsepower! Innocence certainly is legal This modified model can move up to a maximum of TA 90 km / h. It cannot exceed the total weight of the load 300 kilos (with passengers and baggage).

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idea belongs to And it comes down illinreaderWho is the CEO and shareholder of the company? elinator GmbHAnd that sell cars. However, it may not look safe on the surface The Italian tricycle has all the equipment of a regular 500.

It includes ABS, ESP, two airbags, four passenger seats, air conditioning, power windows, central locking and a Bluetooth audio system. Let us remind, for those who are thinking about it at the moment, that the vehicles in question must first be purchased new from Triangel Handels GmbH.

Ellenator device 500 pounds

Then the delivery time is ready elinator around them 2-3 months. The important thing you should also know is how no conversion kit available, So the change from four-wheeled to three-wheeled is done exclusively by the Germans.

Prices for the full model start at 25,320 euros (Hybrid Club) and up to 30,470 euros (Cabrio Hybrid Turtleneck).

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