August 13, 2022

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The final calculation confirms Macron’s victory and non-voting in France

According to the data, in the second round of re-release in 2017, the president received the support of about 18 million 800 thousand people.

Meanwhile, Marine Le Pen, a far-right representative, received about 13 million 300 thousand votes, 41.46 percent, two and a half million more than the results of five years ago.

Of the 48 million 700,000 French people, more than 13 million 600,000 did not vote, and 31 percent of those on the register abstained from voting in the presidential election, the largest ever since 1969.

With no major referendum, the three million votes cast for 6.19 per cent were either empty or canceled.

After 2002, Macron was re-elected as France’s first president after defeating Jacques Chirac, Marine’s father, the far-right Jean-Marie Le Pen.

However, when counting the votes received by the leader of La Rep├║blica en Marcha, they were 38.52 per cent of the total registered voters, which is better than the 37.51 per cent received by Georges Pompeo in 1969.

In a speech to his followers at the Champs de Mars last night, the president promised to rule for all, and said he was aware of the fact that many French people had voted against him and would say yes to prevent the arrival of the far right. Elysee Palace.

He considered challenging years to come, but at the same time historically significant.

For his part, Le Pen focused on painting a dark panorama of his speech after the defeat that, in his opinion, the country would enjoy the re-election of its rival.

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He argued that the opening five years would not be broken by hateful and cruel practices and that Emmanuel Macron would do nothing to repair the fractures that would divide our country and affect our comrades.

The vision of various sectors of French politics is now in the scheduled legislative elections in June, in which it will be a complex task for the ruling party to gain control of the National Assembly.

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